Today is my very first post on my blog! I think my favorite sweet and thing in general is cupcakes! But I also love to workout and stay fit, so eating these in moderation is the key! I think eating sweets makes life enjoyable but like I said- eating them in moderation! So when I want to shovel 2 carrot cupcakes and another one 3 hours later- I try not to 😉

This week has a weekly special of pistachio cupcakes! YUM, I want to go get one asap!

This blog will be all about fitness, cooking (because I love cooking and baking) and how to incorporate healthy ingredients to make my meals delicious! I am also a nurse so making time to prep my meals for the weak takes some dedication. Also cooking for a husband, who is great and will eat anything is awesome, but my step son who is 11, I cant say the same for. This is where I like to challenge myself and my readers to do the same! I hope you all enjoy my blog!