Today I work 12 hours so I will be posting more tomorrow on my day.  Last night I packed lunches for my husband and I, which took a while. We went to dinner so I didn’t have any leftovers 😦
There is always so much prep when packing snacks, lunch, and even dinner sometimes when I work 12 hours. And I’m even going to try and work out tonight. We’ll see how that goes at 8:30 pm!
Hopefully there won’t be too much junk food at work today 🙂
Last night’s packing consisted of two little animals lurking for food….

This morning I had a chai tea latte with almond milk to take on the road to work. And I also packed up some oatmeal, low sugar, peanut butter of course, and whipped up a couple egg whites super quick!

Also, I wanted to let you guys know that Heavenly Frosted Cupcakes is having a thanksgiving special!:

TODAY (Friday) is the last day to order your THANKSGIVING SPECIAL!
Dozen Cupcakes featuring:
3 Pumpkin
3 Sweet Toasted Pecan (AWESOME if you like pecan pie)
3 Chocolate Indulgence

3 Holiday Confetti
No Flavor Substitutions PLEASE
This special is only good for pre-order pick ups on Tuesday, November 20th & Wednesday, November 21st