I recently found my new love- Pure Barre. One of their newest fitness centers located in Ft. Wright, Ky is only about ten minutes away from me!

This is Katelyn and I. She is one of the instructors at the Fort Wright location. All instructors get certified through Pure Barre’s Corporate Training Course which includes a written test and demonstration. Katelyn, Tallie, and Lori are all P2 certified meaning they have 2nd level certification.

I had heard of Pure Barre before but I never thought it would be for me. Yes, I lift weights and work out but when I heard it was ballet style I wasn’t sure about it. “I’ve never done ballet, but this has to be easy” was my first thought. When I saw the 3 and 5 pound weights I thought for sure it was going to be a breeze!  Boy was I WRONG!  These classes are more challenging than ever. If you want to really feel the BURN, you should check it out!

Pure Barre is the most effective technique to:

LIFT your seat (aka: your bum)

TONE your thighs

BURN fat

This new type of workout is transforming bodies around the world!  Pure Barre uses ballet style techniques to work each muscle group until they are completely fatigued.  Using isometric movement, Pure Barre is the fastest, most effective way to change the shape of your body, including those stubborn body parts that a lot of women, and even men, struggle with.

Isometric movement is a form of resistance training and involves contraction of the muscles. You will be shaking by the end of each exercise. I know I was! Clients see results after only 10 classes!

In July 2009 Pure Barre became a franchise and has locations all around the United States. Kelly Dicken and her business partner Lori Gray own the Fort Wright fitness center which opened in September of 2011. Kelly says it’s the only workout that she got a “high” from.  I know what she means now!

The format of each class is the same across franchises but they change the choreography every 3 months and each instructor has their own series that they work with.

Some good reasons to change routines/choreography are so that your muscles don’t get bored. Once you stop seeing results and your workout is no longer challenging, it’s time to switch it up! This goes for any workout routine.

The instructors start with a warm up to get the heart rate elevated and then they move right into thighs. The warm up included some arm exercises along with holding planks and doing push ups. They do 3 different exercises to include the inner and outer thighs. From there they go right into stretching to form long lean muscles.

The thigh work at the bar was the most challenging for me. My legs were shaking the whole time! I like feeling the burn though. We had to sit all the way down into a chair pose which felt like an eternity. The instructor would let us know when we were close to the end and she would give us a ten second count down.

After thighs they move right into “seat” work focusing to LIFT and TONE working the under and outer sections. Who doesn’t a tone tush?!  This part is also a challenge because it’s hard for me to keep my seat tucked under.

Next they move onto abs and this continues through the end followed by short back extension work. The class concludes with stretching again.

Pure Barre Solana Beach

We also did the “muffin top” exercise!

I liked the ab work. We would grab a mat and sit under the bar for half the time to work some deep core muscles. Other ab exercises included laying on the ground using the little red ball.

This type of workout is not only physical but can help the mind focus too. Making sure you are breathing and relaxing to help promote strength and flexibility is important.

I definitely got my sweat on!

This low intensity session improved my basic endurance and my body’s ability to burn fat, and I burned 400 calories! I will definitely go back to Pure Barre. I like to switch my fitness routines every once in a while and this type of class is definitely a challenge that makes me want to go back for more!

Pure Barre offers some special packages too: Baby bounce back and bridal

Also right now they have a one time special of 99.00 for One month unlimited!  They also offer “Lite” classes a few days per week. I hope you will visit me at the Fort Wright Pure Barre Fitness Center!  They also have locations in Cincinnati Ohio.

Please check them out of Facebook.


Have you tried Pure Barre?  It’s a great workout that will challenge your mind and your body!