It’s time to workout and Christmas shop today!

Before my workout today I needed a good breakfast! I had a paleo pumpkin walnut muffin from last night mixed with a banana and a big scoop of melty smart balance chunky peanut butter!

It was delicious and I knew it would hold me over until after the gym!

While I worked on my computer, Jackson laid under my feet…

I drank my fruit punch pre workout drink called White Flood, just mixed with 8 oz. of water and headed to meet my sister.

8M-00173 - White Flood Furious Fruit Punch

And I was ready to go!!

Today’s workout:


Chest is the hardest for me because I am so weak in this area! If I continue to work at it I will get stronger though. Starting out with little weight is better than no weight right!?

  • Incline bench press- 4 sets of 12

  • Flat Bench Press- 3 sets of 10 superset with chest fly machine Pec-Deck
  • Cable Flys
  • Incline chest press with dumbbells – superset with dumbbell flys
  • Incline abs with 25 lb plate- 3 sets of 15

Cardio for 20-25 Minutes. I did the elliptical. 10 minutes at incline of 7-8 to work the gluteus, hamstrings, and quadriceps. 10 minutes at level 3-5 to add in the lower calf muscles.

I burned 595 calories- 35% fat burn. On the way home I drank my protein shake.

When I got home I made a quick lunch.

And Lily watched me- she photographs so well!

I made an egg white and cheese sandwich on a microwaveable English muffin made with almond flour! It was so buttery and sweet tasting.  I used thin Swiss cheese which has 9 grams of protein and only 40 calories!

The English muffin has about 280 calories and 6g of carbs!

After lunch I went Christmas shopping with my mom.  While we were out I got thirsty so I bought a mango smoothie with added protein powder! Mango is one of my favorite fruits.

When I got home I ate another paleo pumpkin muffin. I just can’t get enough of these!

Off to make dinner then headed to volleyball tonight. It’s tournament night so I hope we play good!

Question of the evening:

Do you use pre workout/post workout supplements or shakes?