Yesterday I stopped at the store to get a few things and got some stocking stuffers for Alec. I love buying stocking stuffers and kids are so easy to buy for!

stocking stuffer ideas

I got him some candy, but I’ll probably get him some other needed supplies, you know the boring stuff like socks, etc.

Some staples that I will definitely include in his stocking are:

  • Candy (thin mints, any kind of chocolate really)
  • I-Tunes gift cards
  • Socks ( I know boring)
  • Gumballs
  • UK or Bengals Gear
  • Small toys

And Alec’s a new stocking this year:

150 Ideas for Everyone! I’m sure I’ll get some great Ideas from Jenna. I’ll have to think of some creative things to get Eric for his stocking. And of course Jackson and Lily will need some toys!

Is your husband a manly man? Sometimes it’s hard to think of new and fun things for men, but I think I can find some great ideas this year.

I’m thinking a few manly gifts are:

  • peanuts
  • pocket knife (maybe, maybe not?)
  • golf gadgets
  • UK and or Bengals gear
  • gum/mints (not that he has bad breath, they are just good to have!)
  • some kind of tool for around the house

For Dessert last night I made Paleo Pumpkin Walnut Muffins. I was so hungry after dinner. I ate two! I also had another small piece of dark chocolate!

Look at these bad boys bake…


I think I’m finally out of pumpkin! Time to move onto new festive themes! Any Ideas??


Do you stuff stockings with goodies every year??