I worked 10 hours yesterday so I took my breakfast to work to eat it.

Breakfast: Overnight Oats

I didn’t have a picture since I was at work in a hurry 😦 It kind of looked like this though:

I also didn’t have chia seeds- I heard that’s the key 🙂


1/2 cup plain oats

1 cup almond milk cinnamon to taste

1 tsp brown sugar

In the morning add:

raisins, almond slices, 2 tbsp honey almond flax cereal for crunch


Snack was a Banana


Lunch was leftovers from dinner last night:

Coconut chicken with quinoa- I added 1/2 of an avocado with S&P to taste

camera duh 109

With a Greek Yogurt:

camera duh 121

Snack was an apple with peanut butter!


My plan after work was to do Pure Barre! I thought I was going to be late since this is what the traffic looked like!

camera duh 130

But I made it on time!

We did the “pretzel” again on the floor. That was really a challenge! I don’t think my “seat” was working right last night!

Working the thighs!

I definitely broke a sweat last night!

For dinner I planned on having Laura’s Lean chili but I wasn’t in the mood after working out. So I made scrambled eggs with chicken apple sausage.

blog 5 mill 001

I added some cheese too!

blog 5 mill 003

I also had a chocolate peanut butter protein shake. Yum!

xmas ornament shopping 013

I added PB2  to my Beverly International chocolate protein which only has 45 calories in 2 tbsp and 6 grams of protein!  It’s a powder so you can easily add it to your protein.

blooooooo 001

After dinner we drank egg nog for the “24 Days of Togetherness”

It tasted like bubble gum but I didn’t like it so Alec finished mine.

camera duh 135

I hope everyone has a great week.  Don’t forget to tweet if you’re doing the “24 Days of Togetherness”!