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Daily Archives: December 10, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan:

After my workout today I had my chocolate protein shake from Beverly International. I usually try to consume some type of protein within 30 minutes to an hour post workout to help my muscles recover.  Some other options if you do not want to drink a protein should would be 3-4 oz of:

  • Chicken
  • Tuna
  • Turkey
  • Whole eggs
  • Low fat Milk
  • Greek yogurt
  • Other low fat dairy products

For lunch I had Panera again. I love it! I had a half of turkey cranberry panini on honey wheat with half of the fuji apple chicken salad. This is my favorite meal I think.

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Last year my favorite decoration that I put on my front door broke and this year my mom found the exact same one and bought it for me. So I put it right up!

breakfast 014

I also got a free pastry with my lunch today which was a blueberry muffin that I ate around 4:00 with chai tea.  I split it with my sister because I didn’t want to eat the whole thing! I knew I would too.

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I love blueberry anything!

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For the “24 Days of Togetherness” tonight we are “making dessert.” I think we will make Light Apple Crisp.

Stay Tuned…

Blueberry Balsamic Glazed Pork Chops and Apple Crisp Light

I love having Monday’s off! My sister is off too so we always workout together and sometimes get lunch afterwards. Great way to start the week. Today I made a quick and easy breakfast.


This morning I had a piece of Paleo Bread with laughing cow 1/3 less fat cinnamon cream cheese. I also had some scrambled egg whites. People always look at me weird when I make just egg whites, but I like the taste. I make regular scrambled eggs too 🙂

breakfast 001

breakfast 007

breakfast 008

breakfast 010

I also put some eggs on top and made a little open faced sandwich out of it.

breakfast 011

I drank my pre workout and headed to the gym.

breakfast 012

Today’s Workout: Biceps

We did 20 minutes on the Elliptical first.  Today we did a similar workout to any of the previous workouts I have posted:

Today I burned 800 calories! I think it was from all the push ups!


Hanging chair abs- pull your legs up like your sitting in a chair and lower slowly

Planks- 30 seconds


Preacher curl –  super set with push ups (I tried to do 8-10 each time but it got harder as I finished)

Alternating Bicep Curl –  super set with push ups

Seated Bicep Curl (These always KILL my arms) We do reps of 25,20,20,15 – super set with standing oblique crunches with 25 lb plate

Finish with Hammer Curls

I was spent after all this. I felt like someone was holding a flame to to biceps!

This week’s workout plan:

Mon:  Gym with sis- Biceps

Tues:  OFF (Work 12 hours)

Wed:  Pure Barre (works legs, seat (aka: butt),  and abs)

Thur:  Gym with sis- Back/Shoulders Probably?

Fri:  Gym- Triceps

Sat:  Pure Barre

Sun : Crossfit intro class!!

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