I hope everyone had a good weekend. I had a fun one. Sunday was a pretty lazy day, but Alec wasn’t feeling well so we just relaxed. I didn’t feel like making an extravagant breakfast so I had a banana and a bowl of cereal. I’m like a kid, I love cereal!


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Before I went to the gym I played with Lily for a bit.

Lily 2012- 4 years old 005

Lily 2012- 4 years old 007

Sunday’s WOD:


Assisted Tricep dips – super set with tricep push ups (I do girl ones and I can only do like 5 each time!)

Tricep Pull down with Cable Machine – super set with ab crunches on ball (20 reps)- Go slow to really feel the burn in your abs!

Skull Crushers with EZ Bar

Cable Tricep Kick Back – super set with Incline sit ups

Seated Overhead Triceps Extension

Cable Machine Rope Pull Downs


Straight Leg Lifts with Medicine Ball 3 sets of 10-15

Planks for 30 seconds – Planks help improve core strength and stability!

Elliptical for 15 minutes.

I had a late breakfast so Lunch was a light one:  Apples and peanut butter and some blueberry Greek yogurt

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 We are counting down the days until Christmas at the Puckett home. We are doing this by celebrating “24 Days of togetherness and Sunday we picked “Give foot massages.”

I had dinner at my parents for my dad’s birthday. We had tenderloin, rice, bread with spices in olive oil, and a salad. The tenderloin was so moist and delicious!

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And ice cream cake, which I passed on because I had a handful of candy!

dads bday 2012 001

Me and Dad.

dads bday 2012 002

Question of the day:

What is your favorite Holiday candy??