I love having Monday’s off! My sister is off too so we always workout together and sometimes get lunch afterwards. Great way to start the week. Today I made a quick and easy breakfast.


This morning I had a piece of Paleo Bread with laughing cow 1/3 less fat cinnamon cream cheese. I also had some scrambled egg whites. People always look at me weird when I make just egg whites, but I like the taste. I make regular scrambled eggs too 🙂

breakfast 001

breakfast 007

breakfast 008

breakfast 010

I also put some eggs on top and made a little open faced sandwich out of it.

breakfast 011

I drank my pre workout and headed to the gym.

breakfast 012

Today’s Workout: Biceps

We did 20 minutes on the Elliptical first.  Today we did a similar workout to any of the previous workouts I have posted:

Today I burned 800 calories! I think it was from all the push ups!


Hanging chair abs- pull your legs up like your sitting in a chair and lower slowly

Planks- 30 seconds


Preacher curl –  super set with push ups (I tried to do 8-10 each time but it got harder as I finished)

Alternating Bicep Curl –  super set with push ups

Seated Bicep Curl (These always KILL my arms) We do reps of 25,20,20,15 – super set with standing oblique crunches with 25 lb plate

Finish with Hammer Curls

I was spent after all this. I felt like someone was holding a flame to to biceps!

This week’s workout plan:

Mon:  Gym with sis- Biceps

Tues:  OFF (Work 12 hours)

Wed:  Pure Barre (works legs, seat (aka: butt),  and abs)

Thur:  Gym with sis- Back/Shoulders Probably?

Fri:  Gym- Triceps

Sat:  Pure Barre

Sun : Crossfit intro class!!