Last night I had sushi for dinner with some of my girl friends! We split three different rolls and we also split chicken Pad Thai. I was so hungry and it was all so delicious!  I could have eaten like 35 rolls.


honeybee 2

DR 3



We dug right into the Pad Thai before she could even bring us extra plates!

pad that

This morning for breakfast I woke up very hungry so I made

Pumpkin Protein Oatmeal:

sushi 011



I made mine in the microwave since I was in a little bit of a hurry.

Mix oats with almond milk, water and egg whites ( I didn’t measure anything) and microwave for one minute.  Stir, add in one heaping scoop of pumpkin and more water to make it the thickness you desire. I also added the stevia at this time too.  Microwave for one more minute.  Add pumpkin pie spice.  Top with pecans and granola.  No peanut butter this morning. 😦

sushi 015

sushi 019

PP oatmeal

After breakfast I went to the gym with my sister. We 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by a chest workout.


Bench Press – We did reps of 12,10,8,6  increasing in weight

Incline Chest press with Dumbbells – super set with flys with 10 lb dumbbells

Cable Chest Flys  – superset with chests flys on “pec deck”

“Pec Deck”

We were done after this!  I hate doing chest exercises, but I still do them  🙂  I burned 671 calories, 43% of which were fat calories!

You can see my other chest exercises on my fitness page!

Even though I don’t always enjoy working the chest muscles, I still do because you shouldn’t skip over muscles.  Doing the bench press can actually help work your triceps too!

We (my sister and I) usually do not do push ups on chest day, simply because I would only be able to do like 5!  We super set other exercises with push ups usually on back/shoulders & bicep days.  Since the chest is such a large muscle area, training it will burn more calories than training smaller muscle groups and will lead to a better rate of burning fat!

To the women out there--to completely avoid chest training is simply a bad idea.


What is your least favorite workout??

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