Since I will not be posting that much with such a busy weekend ahead, I wanted to leave you with a poem that my Director at work sent out..  Please make sure you have a tissue ready…


There has been much sadness around this holiday season, and I already see a lot of sick children where I work, so my heart has been heavy lately.  I am going to treasure my time with my family this weekend and next week as we celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

I hope you all will cherish your time here on earth and the blessings God has truly bestowed upon us!  We take for granted so many things including our lives and our health.  And as people thought the world was going to end, we are still here 🙂  I told my step son that Only GOD can determine when the world will end, since he created it and everything in it!

Try to Remember the TRUE Meaning of CHRISTMAS this year!

PS> I will try to pick the winner of the mad hectic oatmeal giveaway  tonight.  I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!