I am continuing the 25 Days of Blogging Christmas today and this is the end of it since Tuesday is Christmas!  I hope everyone has a very


13. Favorite Christmas Book: 

I don’t know 😦 I don’t really read a lot of books to begin with, which I know I should do more of!

14. Real or Artificial Tree:

Well, we have an artificial but half of the lights on it are burnt out, so this might be its last year.  I really want to get a real tree next year but my husband said that’s how people’s houses burn down!  I disagree.   I love the smell of a fresh, real tree!

xmas tree 2012

15. The best gift you have given: 

Probably Bengals tickets.  I got these for my husband for a wedding gift. He absolutely loved it and wasnt expecting it at all!

16. Hardest Person to buy for: 

My father in law!  He has everything! I never know what to buy him.

SaraE - 0912

17. Post a picture of an Old Christmas card:

I can’t find one. But If I made one from this year, we could probably use this one!

christmas photo 002

18.  When do you open gifts:

We open gifts with my immediate family on Christmas Eve and with my husband’s family on Christmas Day.

Christmas Holiday, New years eve 2011 005

19. Favorite Stocking Stuffer:

I like to get my step son stocking stuffers. I always find so many cute little things.  I like to get gum, mints, small things like nail polish, cute socks, and anything fitness related (maybe my husband will be reading this)

20. Favorite Christmas meal

I love honey baked ham, or turkey!  I feel like we only eat this around the holidays, but I love it!

21. Do you travel on the holiday?

Usually we don’t travel that far, 20-30 minutes at most. This year we are traveling about 3 hours south to see Eric’s grandparents.

22. Egg Nog or hot chocolate?

Definitely hot chocolate.  I think egg nog tastes like bubble gum. Not a fan!

23. Your plans for Christmas 2012

This year we are traveling some, down to Ky to see Eric’s grandparents, but coming back the same day.  We always spend one day at my parents and the other day at Eric’s parents. I actually work on the morning of Christmas Eve 😦  But I hopefully won’t be there long.

24. Favorite Christmas Eve tradition

We always go to my parents on Christmas Eve and go to the Christmas Eve service at church.  It’s a lot of fun.  Then we go back and eat dinner and open gifts and this year we have ALEC, I am so excited.

erins wedding nov 2011, xmas 2011 055

erins wedding nov 2011, xmas 2011 061

And the Winner of the Mad Hectic Oatmeal Giveaway is:

JenniferDecember 20, 2012 at 10:15 am (Edit)

I love oatmeal! Great start to any day leaving me full and satisfied for hours :) Loving just the basic old fashioned oatmeal with milk, cinnamon and sweetener. Would love to try something new :)

Jennifer please email me at fitcupcaker@gmail.com with your contact information and tell me what three flavors of oatmeal you would like to try!