Workout of the Day:

Saturday I got up early to workout before we went three hours South to visit family.  I ate half a banana and drank my White Flood before I went to the gym, hopefully it would hold me over.

bicep circuit

I started to get a little hungry, so after the gym I rushed home to eat breakfast. I made scrambled eggs with one egg and 1-2 egg whites with low fat shredded cheese.  I love scrambled eggs!


Another one of my GO TO breakfasts lately has been an egg, cheese and bacon sandwich on a toasted sandwich thin.

food 005

Last time I made it I melted a thin slice of Swiss on top of the eggs, and then layered the sandwich with turkey bacon!

Christmas 2012 003


sandwich 2

We traveled down South to spread Christmas Cheer!  Lots of UK fans in the Puckett Family!  You won’t believe what we had for Christmas Dinner!  Steak and baked potatoes!  We also had green beans, a salad, rolls, and nanny always makes homemade strawberry jam, that my brother-in-law destroyed!


I usually eat smaller lunches, so I skipped the baked potato, but the steaks were awesome!

And then I ate about half of the pan of this dessert!

And I am not kidding at all.  It was chocolate, and coconut squares of deliciousness!  Nanny made them so of course they were to die for!

Christmas 2012 019

Every year we play “Secret Santa” and THE LAMP shows up every year as a gag gift!!  Do you ever play this game and the same object comes back every year??  This is one of those lamps that looks like a “Lite-Brite” Game.  I used to have that toy!


You have to remember Lite Brite!!

Poor Papa got an Olay gift set.  Nanny was happy enough to switch.  They are so cute 🙂

papa moon

Eric and I by the HUGE, beautiful Christmas tree!

Me and Eric

Sue (my mother in law) and I.

me and sue

And then we traveled 3 hours home.  Had to get home to our pups, who were anxiously waiting for us!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!  2 MORE DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS!

If you play dirty Santa do you have any gifts  that show up every year!?!?