I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! I enjoyed relaxing and spending time with family that I love so much.  I think even I take for granted my AWESOME family and this Christmas season I really thought about how blessed I truly am.  I didn’t NEED anything for Christmas but God has blessed our family so much.

I got my husband a gift card and on it said “Happy Birthday”.  I guess I didn’t get a great look at it when I bought it.  But I told him when he opened it that its Jesus’ Birthday!  That is the true meaning of Christmas and I hope everyone got that message too 🙂

I just want to start the day by showing you how lazy my “Sir Jackson” is:  He lays down when he eats his breakfast!

Christmas 2012 003

Ill start with Monday:

After the Christmas Eve service at church we went back to my moms house to eat an assortment of appetizers and drinks! We also had awesome homemade beef vegetable barley soup and sandwiches.  What is better than soup on a cold day, homemade at that!!

Christmas 2012 012

Christmas 2012 016

Christmas 2012 013

There was also an assortment of desserts, which I told my mom not to have. O well its the holidays, back to the grind now 🙂

Christmas 2012 008

I enjoyed some wedding cake cookies, and some chocolates! 
Christmas 2012 009

The Christmas “Yule Log” 

Christmas 2012 010

Christmas 2012 017

And then we headed over to open gifts, of course!

Christmas 2012 015

We all went in together and got my dad the gun he had been wanting. He loved that thing!

Christmas 2012 018

Don’t you think its so funny how men wrap gifts!!  My dad got my mom a bottle of her favorite wine, and wrapped it in the bag from the store!

Christmas 2012 020


And I got a kindle Fire!

Christmas 2012 026

Christmas 2012 023

We played Wits & Wagers until about Midnight to conclude the night.  It was a blast.

Christmas 2012 024

Christmas 2012 025


For Christmas breakfast I made a sausage, egg, and cheese bake with hash browns.

Christmas 2012 042


The dogs enjoyed their Christmas breakfast too and then their gifts.

Christmas 2012 044

Christmas 2012 032

Christmas 2012 028

Christmas 2012 059

Christmas 2012 037

And then we opened stockings and gifts.

Christmas 2012 046

Eric was pumped about his whole outfit, so he put everything on.


We headed to Eric’s parents house for lunch and to open more gifts!


Christmas 2012 061

I love my new headbands!




And then we played a game of “Apples to Apples” and laid around all day. It was glorious!

Christmas 2012 052

Christmas 2012 058

Alec tried to get one of every dessert!  He of course, didn’t eat it all!

Christmas 2012 054

Christmas 2012 049

Guess I better get baking 🙂


It was an amazing Christmas and I hope yours was just as good 🙂