Oh Sunday, How I love thee!

For breakfast today I had another paleo pumpkin muffin with peanut butter, quick and easy before I headed to crossfit!  I also had some almond milk, straight from the carton!  I’m the only one in the house who drinks it so I am allowed 🙂

Out with Friends-UK 010

fooooodie 003

Since I am new to crossfit I have to take the beginner classes, and today I was the only one in the class so I got like a one on one training session which was pretty awesome!

I learned:

Pull Ups – Kipping and with the band

Shoulder Press, Push Press and Push Jerks (or snatches)

Box Jumps

I feel like I did pretty good, especially learning how to Kip correctly.


3 Rounds of 5,10,15

My heart rate at the peak was 180!  I thought I was going to die 🙂  I burned 649 calories!

After Crossfit I had my Beverly International chocolate protein shake.  It has 120 calories, 4 grams of carbs, and 0 sugar in one scoop.  I just had it with ice and water this morning and it was very good!

During the time of deciding what I was going to eat and actually eating, I had the last two of my power balls!  I need to make some more obviously!

food erase 004

 A little while later I made a microwaveable English muffin sandwich with one slice of turkey, an over easy egg, and the laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese.  Also a side of blueberries.  I  got this recipe from Tina and I make it at least twice a week!



New Year’s Resolutions:

After lunch I decided that one of my New Year’s Resolutions would be to drink more water!  I think this is manageable 🙂  So I started today:

fooooodie 012

Also, since I was a bad neighbor and didn’t get my neighbors anything for Christmas I decided to make red velvet cake pops and cookies for NYE.  I got cookies, wine, and bread from our awesome cul de sac of friends.

 I will take some to our friend’s house tomorrow that we are celebrating at and I will give some to the neighbors.

I ate a gooey delicious cookies while I was baking, I just had to.

fooooodie 022

For the Cake Pops:

I made two red velvet cakes and baked them in the oven for 30 minutes or so.  Let them cool on a wire rack.  After they are cool, mix in the icing.  You WILL have to use your hands here, and you will get RED stuff everywhere!

fooooodie 010

fooooodie 016

I have white chocolate and milk chocolate to dip the balls in 🙂

fooooodie 017

I sprayed my hands on and off with non stick cooking spray to make rolling the balls easier. Your hands will be red.  Look who followed me around the kitchen the whole time!

fooooodie 021

fooooodie 020

I used a spoon to help dip each ball into the melted chocolate.  Lay out onto wax paper, and let cool. Wala, you are done!   I also HAD to try the cake pops, just to make sure they tasted okay. I can’t give the neighbors gross cake pops 😉  Don’t mind my chipped nail!

fooooodie 023

That’s the end of my sweets for the day.  The cake pops are pretty rich.

fooooodie 025

See who is lurking in the background??

fooooodie 026

Off to the neighbors they go:

fooooodie 028

Now the bad part, cleaning up my awful mess!

a mess

Now, nap time!  The pups are already beating me to it.

Do you have any special New Years Eve Plans??