Tuesday I was off  and it was a beautiful day! I should have went on a run!

blog stuff 024

I got a lot of stuff done around the house including:

payed bills
picked up some ranch dressing and clem’s at kroger
post office
played with the dogs


worked out
cleaned up alec’s nasty room (11 year old boys sheesh)
packed lunches

After my awesome breakfast of Fit French Toast I headed to the gym for a workout.

fit french toast 1

I was supposed to go to crossfit , but I already learned what they were going over in the beginner class so I went to the gym and did my own thing.  I feel like if I have to be in the “beginner” class, I want to learn something new, not just the same stuff over and over.   I think that is fair!  Hopefully I will be able to “test out” soon.

So I pumped up the Jam myself!

pump up the jam

I only did 2 sets of 21’s because my arms were falling off 😉

More info on some of the exercises:

Goblet Squat

Good Mornings

Single Leg Cable Kick Back

Ab Roll out

21’s -(The guy on this video makes a lot of noise)

blog stuff 003

blog stuff 004

After the gym I had my usual cookies n cream protein shake with ice and water, very cold and refreshing and it held me over until lunch.



For lunch I had a pita sandwich with veggies.  In the pita was shredded chicken that I made on the George Foreman  and seasoned 🙂 Also inside: spinach, avocado, provolone cheese, and cucumbers.

 I had some magazines ready for some good catch up.. Swimsuits already!?!  It’s only January!  Of course, I want to buy a new one already.


pita pita



Some clem’s

snack time 002

 And a French vanilla PB2 protein shake made with half water, half almond milk, and ice.

I also had about 4 Granola Energy Balls throughout the day at some point  🙂 They are so addicting.

protein collage


Paleo Gingery Broccoli and Beef and I also made a side of rice for the boys.

ging beef n broc 001

ging beef n broc 002

Blueberries right after dinner just because they looked so good! And they were.

blueberry 001

I also made some hard-boiled eggs, so I had one to see how it tasted.  Of course it was impossible to peel.  Why is that? Someone please tell me?!  I heard it was because they are either under or over cooked, but the yolk looked perfect!


I’ll leave you with a note from my devotional last night:


Have a good day!

Do you have a heart rate monitor? Because I love mine!

What is your favorite way to eat eggs?