Happy Friday!

Thursday I woke up really craving some oatmeal and blueberries.  Nikki’s coconut butter has my stuck in my head too, probably because it is so good! So for breakfast I combined those things and made a wonderful

Oatmeal Breakfast Parfait



1/2 cup oats (or 1 pack plain oatmeal)
3 tbsp liquid egg whites
stevia packet



2 tbsp Nikki’s Coconut butter (macadamia nut cookie flavor)- microwave form 30 seconds to melt

Macadamia Nut Cookie


Macadamia Nut Cookie  Serving Size: 2 TbspServings per container: 8   Calories197   Total Fat17  Saturated Fat13  Cholesterol0g  Sodium23mg  Total Carbohydrate8g  Fiber3g  Sugars3g  Protein2g

1 scoop vanilla protein powder:

Mix with water until a pudding consistency forms. Drizzle over hot oatmeal and then top with berries and nuts!

parfait 3

This was the most amazing breakfast ever…. If you have a sweet tooth like me you will definitely want to make this! Since I am not eating sweets for my 30 day challenge this totally hit the spot 🙂

After breakfast I drank my fitmixer amino before going to crossfit. I tried the fruit punch and it was great!

food prep- oatmeal parfait 007

food prep- oatmeal parfait 008

Crossfit was challenging yesterday!


#1) 20 Minute AMRAP
250m Row
10 Burpee Pull ups

Rest til Recovery

#2) 50 GHD Sit-Ups for Time
100 Ab Mat Sit-Ups for Time


I used a box for the burpee pull ups, but I will get stronger so eventually I won’t have to do that!


My face was bright red after class!  What a great workout.

food prep- oatmeal parfait 009

I had the BUSIEST off day ever yesterday! Non stop running.  I finally sat down at like 8:30 ish while American Idol was on!  This does not count as an off day for me!!!

After crossfit I went shopping for my Wildtree Party that I am having on Sunday.  We stocked up on some meat for sure!!


I did about an hour prep work by separating all the meat and veggies into bags!

On Sunday my friend Jessica comes to host the party and we prep all of our meals with the food we bought!  I will have 10-20 freezer meals ready for my husband to easily make when I work 10-12 hour shifts!  Healthy meals too, since I am doing the Figure Friendly Menu.  I cant wait to eat some of these great meals!

While prepping I ate some lunch myself. Chicken and veggies!

food prep- oatmeal parfait 013

food prep- oatmeal parfait 015

I also had the last of my cinnamon almond butter protein balls, so sad. That means I need to make more.

cinnamon protein ball 001

Since my breakfast was so good I wanted more of Nikki’s so I ate the last of my protein oatmeal loaf  (warmed in the microwave) with 1 tbsp of melted coconut butter and 1/2 cup blueberries.  Out of this world!

food prep- oatmeal parfait 020

I’ve almost fulfilled my protein needs 😉

I snacked on some carrots and humus while preparing dinner also.

For dinner we had Breakfast!

I made the boys pancakes and I had french toast on Ezekiel Bread with blackberries.  Also some scrambled eggs and a turkey sausage patty.

dinner 001

dinner 002

A little Bit  About Crossfit And Me

I still get nervous every time I go to crossfit because I know it is going to kick my butt!  I have to remember that it is about ME and I need to take the time to do the exercises correctly, even if I do not have the fastest time!

I know I am not the strongest female there, but I will get stronger with time! I will never get better if I don’t go and TRY and ASK questions if I have them!

Burpee Pull Ups were not my specialty but they made my hear rate for sure and it was an awesome workout!  Have you ever done burpee pull ups?  I can’t wait until I can bust out some strict ones!

Here are some interesting links (that I liked) because I am a beginner crossfiter…. Check them out if you need some reminders, whether you are a rookie or a veteran 🙂

5 Tips for Beginners

10 Tips for Success for the Crossfit Newbie 

Crossfit Tips for Beginners

Have a good Friday everyone. Dont work too hard like me! (12 hours)

Do you LOVE breakfast for dinner like I do?

Have you made my cinnamon almond butter protein balls yet?? If not, what are you waiting for??

Last but not least, Try the oatmeal parfait, you will die when you taste how amazing it is!