I had a Fantastic Friday!

I started off my day with a Protein Packed Breakfast

Protein Oatmeal loaf (my last piece) with chocolate protein icing and almond butter!

For the chocolate protein icing :  just mix chocolate protein powder with water until a thin pudding consistency forms 🙂

protein brownie 001

Pour over the loaf and microwave until the whole dish is warm and gooey!

choc loaf


breakfast yum 002

I drank my pre workout “white flood”, which I also finished off today, on the way to the gym.

I braved the snow…which actually wasn’t that bad!


We worked on ARMS!  My favorite.


10 min. stairmaster- which kicked my butt!  If you think the stairmaster is a joke workout- you are wrong!

10 min. elliptical

strong arms

Here I am doing the seated bicep curls – inner and outer.  We basically did them until failure.  I did 12-15 each set.

seated bicep curl

My arms were dead after that one!

breakfast yum 009

Not before long my stomach was starving!

For lunch I made a turkey burger with a fried egg, avocado, and leftover cheezy cauliflower mash.  I also ate some grape tomatoes straight from the carton.  Pretty random I know and it kept me full for a long time!

breakfast yum 005

breakfast yum 003

The perfect bite!

breakfast yum 006

Before I took Alec to meet his mom I snacked on 2 belvita breakfast wafers.  I love ALL of the flavors 🙂

breakfast yum 010

I did a lot of running around, plus laundry, but it was still a good day.

Why can’t my off days look like this!?!

lazy lily

And then for a snack I had 2 Energizing PB Date Balls to hold me over until my MEXICAN dinner!

(recipe to come- this is another great one!)

breakfast yum 020

We went out for Mexican food for dinner with our friends and I got the shrimp fajitas which were amazing!

mexican 002



I hope you had a fantastic Friday like I did!


Do you have any exciting weekend plans?

Whats your favorite Mexican dish?

Do you make any healthy snacks with dates?