Saturday are so wonderful aren’t they?

For breakfast I made Protein Pancakes

chicken tiki 001

The only difference today was that I omitted the almond flour and added cinnamon and nutmeg

chicken tiki 003

Drizzled on top with a warm protein icing mixture of coconut butter, almond butter, protein powder and water.

chicken tiki 005


chicken tiki 006

After breakfast I tried a new pre workout called JACK3D

chicken tiki 002

It tasted like pink lemonade and it really jacked me up!



legs and chest

Beverly came back into my life on Saturday and I was very excited to see her!

I had the cookies n cream Beverly International protein shake after my workout.

chicken tiki 007

Then I had a chicken bowl from Qdoba with light rice, fajita veggies, lettuce, and cheese.

2013-01-26_13-11-20_589 2013-01-26_13-11-38_714

When I got home a little later I made a fruit/protein smoothie for Eric and I.

Mango Blueberry Protein Smoothie

chicken tiki 008

Serves 2

one mango

1 cup blueberries

1 cup almond milk

handful of ice

blend away!

I’ve had a very authentic foodie weekend… Friday night Mexican, Saturday night Indian, Wildtree style 🙂

We had Chicken Tikki Masala for dinner using my Wildtree Masala sauce  🙂

chicken tiki 011

Do your dogs ever sit in the SUN SPOT??  My dogs have to somehow get to the spot where the sun shines in and at least get their face in it.  I guess its warm!?

This is Jackson, staring at the sun spot…hmmm

2013-01-26_13-48-28_785 2013-01-26_13-48-39_136


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