Yesterday was the first day of the Push Up Challenge, Hosted By Becky!

Push-Up Challenge


My workout was a little bit different but I still followed the rules:

Here are the rules:
Must complete “real” push-ups – No knee/girly ones in this challenge!
Your chest must TOUCH the floor during each push-up – Us ladies have it a little easier for this one 😉
No resting in between push-ups (AKA – Dropping to knees or lying on the floor


My goal is to complete 20 REAL push ups by Feb. 28th!


Are you doing the challenge with us?  

How many push ups did you do on day 1?

What is your goal?

I also did some ARMS at the gym:

arms workout 2

Now on to some FOOD!  Which is what I do BEST!

Dinner Last night was…

Wildtree Porkchops

pork chops 003

Sides of spinach, and cheezy cauliflower mash

pork chops 002

Dessert (Of course)

Chocolate PB2 Protein Icing on a warm Protein Oatmeal Loaf!

healthy dessert

Chocolate PB2 Icing

  1 tbsp chocolate PB2,   1/2 scoop protein powder ,  1 tbsp almond butter

Mix with water until it reaches the consistency you want!

Microwave for 15 seconds

What a great topping for anything!


I also signed up to go to the BLEND retreat  in May!  Registration started a couple days ago, and tickets are cheap!

Blend is where bloggers + friends become BLENDS!

I am so excited!!  (I don’t have any roomies so if anyone is interested let me know!)

Blend Retreat - Boulder, CO

I’ve never been to Utah, and being a new blogger, I want to get out there and meet some of these people that I follow online every day!  I love traveling and this would be a good way to branch out and enjoy some fun, fitness, good food, and make new friends!

Are you going??