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Daily Archives: February 1, 2013

Happy Friday!

I decided I am going to try to do a FLASHBACK FRIDAY every week.

 I will post it on either Friday or Saturday and it will consist of some highlighted workouts and food from the week.

A lot of people do “Fitness Friday or Fun Fact Friday” so I am going to do “Flashback Friday” and you guys can let me know what you think!? …..and BE HONEST!

flashback friday

I obviously love posting pictures and in depth details about my workouts because I want you guys to try them!   I always want to get a good workout in and sometimes I even post how many calories I burn etc…  Even when I only get 30-40 minutes of weight lifting in I still like to let you guys know about it!  Many tabata’s can be done at home with minimal equipment too!  I know it is hard sometimes to get out of the house when its freeeeeezing out!

Food is another topic I discuss frequently 🙂 It’s my favorite part about blogging.   I love finding new meals and making my own twists on recipes.

So here goes nothing…


Chocolate PB2 Protein Icing

Energizing PB Date Balls

Protein Oatmeal Loaf

FF collage

Healthy Blueberry Muffin Bake

FF #2 collage

Carrot Cake Muffins


Fruit with lite cool whip topping

Veggie salad with grilled Chicken

FFcollage  #3

Wildtree Pizza

Protein Oatmeal loaf with Melty Almond Butter

Empty Almond Butter Jar

Greek Yogurt

FF collage #4

Lots of Protein

Fitmixer Aminos

Scrambled eggs with warm cinnamon apples and blueberries

Chicken with tomatoes and avocado

FF collage # 4


I’m pretty sure this is how it went  🙂  A little bit of Cardio combined with these routines too.

Saturday: Back and Abs

Sunday: Chest and Legs

Monday: Pushup Challenge Day #1/ Biceps and Triceps

Tuesday: Legs

Thursday: Push Up Challenge #2/ Chest, Shoulders, Abs

**I need to work my Shoulders more because I feel like that and my Chest are my weakest body parts!

fitness collage 3

fitness collage 1

Push Up Challenge Day 2

1. As many real push-ups as possible!
2. 1 minute rest
3. 90 second plank
4. 1 minute rest
5. 30 knee push-ups
6. 1 minute rest
7. 90 second plank
8. 1 minute rest
9. 30 knee push-ups

fitness collage 2

I hope everyone likes my Friday Flashbacks!

Have a good weekend everyone!

I want to start by saying that my 30 Day Challenge of NO Sweets in January was a success!

30 day challenge

 I went the whole month without a cupcake, cookies, cake, cobbler, or chocolate and I feel GREAT!   When you cut all that sugar out of your diet it really makes you feel so much better and gives you a TON of energy!

I will discuss sweets this later in my February Goals…

Now, Lets start with the FUN:



1. A night out tonight- With my favorite girl friends!


2. Valentine’s Day  🙂

3.  Superbowl Sunday– Are you just going for the food and commercials like me??

4.  My 3 month fit test with Michelle (my old trainer)

5.  My sister-in-law and father-in-law’s birthdays!

6.  Special dinner to Brio’s to drink peach Bellini’s (These are amazing!)  I can’t say who this special night out is for though!

Now on to the GOALS:


Do you have any goals this month?  They could be related to:






Here are some of my February Goals:

1.  Gain another 1/2 inch on my arms at my 3 month fit test!  Yes, I brought the picture of my HUGE bicep back!


2.  Get better/quicker at pushups (push up challenge  runs through Feb 28th)

My goal is to get 20 REAL pushups by this date!

Push-Up Challenge

3.  I want EXPERIMENT IN THE KITCHEN- to try to make NEW HEALTHY meals!

4.  I did a NO SWEETS Challenge in January- So, In February I am going to try to limit my sweets to once or twice a week!

5.  Try and get my 11 year old step son to eat more fruits and veggies!  Along with myself  🙂

breakfast yum 003

homeamde humus 1

blog stuff 019

6.  Go on at least 2 date nights with my hubby (besides V-day)

Work XMas party Jan 2013 014


Do you have any special activities planned in February?

Are you doing the push up challenge?

What are some of your Goals this month?

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