Welcome to DAY 2 Of the PUSH UP CHALLENGE

Push-Up Challenge

Thank you, Becky for hosting 🙂

Wednesdays Push Up workout: 

(This workout was supposed to happen on Wednesday but it was my OFF day from the gym so I did it on Thursday)

1. As many real push-ups as possible!
2. 1 minute rest
3. 90 second plank
4. 1 minute rest
5. 30 knee push-ups
6. 1 minute rest
7. 90 second plank
8. 1 minute rest
9. 30 knee push-ups

I did 9 REAL PUSHUPS!  Which was worse than my first day…It’s going to be a LONG month!

Are you in on the challenge?  Use hashtage #pushupchallenge on twitter if you want to keep connected 🙂

I continued on with some chest and shoulder exercises to finish off 🙂  Boy was my upper body tired after!

keep it tight

My total fat burn % of calories was 50%!   That is a ton!

Does everyone like when I post my workouts?  

What would you like to see different related to fitness and gym workouts?