Good Morning!

I hope everyone liked my “Flashback Friday” Post yesterday!

Friday’s breakfast was wonderful… I made another single serve Blueberry Muffin Bake.  This is BY FAR one of my most favorite breakfast of all time!

This time I took out the oat bran and added a full scoop of protein powder.  I love to get my protein in the morning!  It still tasted amazing!

fooooooood 007

fooooooood 008

fooooooood 009

After breakfast I got ready for the gym!


I tried a new pre workout.  I need to buy some more but in the mean time I have been testing some samples.  I do not like pre workout products that have creatine in it, and this one does not.  It had a great flavor too!

fooooooood 018


tri and legs- fri feb 1

Calf Raises:

(this is me)


OH Cable Tricep Extension:

(that is not me)


Of course I refueled with my Beverly International protein shake post workout…Immediately yesterday because I was HUNGRY!

After my workout I came home to make guacamole.  It literally took me 5 minutes thanks to my Wildtree Products.  All I did was take 2 mashed avocados and mixed it with 4.5 tsp of the guacamole mix from Wildtree.  I also added about 1/2 of a chopped tomato.  Perfect for our Chicken fajitas that we had for dinner!

Why doesn’t guacamole photograph well even though it tastes so good!?

fooooooood 012

Then I realized I was starving so I made scrambled eggs (one egg, and one egg white) with chicken sausage, veggies and a wedge of Laughing Cow Garden Vegetable Spread melted in.   WOW!  Gosh I love cooking.

fooooooood 019

fooooooood 020

Oh, I can’t leave out the fruit-  a side of fresh strawberries…yum!

fooooooood 021

I also had some mixed nuts….I could go through a jar of these in a week if I am not careful!

fooooooood 017

I was so excited to receive my LOVEGROWN products today!  I won these from a giveaway that Lindsey had!  Thanks again, what an awesome treat to receive today!

I’ve seen a lot of people blogging about these awesome oats, so I cannot wait to try them.. They are perfect for on the go too, which I always am!

Lily and OATS 006

The granola tasted awesome too…Of course I opened it right away to test  🙂

Quaker also sent me some of their new products to try which I am stoked about!  And I never say the work “Stoked!”

Lily and OATS 007

Lily and OATS 009

Lily and OATS 010

No added sugar, amazing!

Lily and OATS 011

Lily and OATS 013

My afternoon snack was a carrot cake muffin drizzle with Warm Vanilla/Coconut Butter Icing!

Vanilla Coconut Butter Icing:

1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder- mixed with water until a thin pudding consistency forms

1 tbs coconut butter (I used the last of my macadamia nut flavor) warmed in microwave for about 20 seconds

Mix the two together and microwave for another 10-15 seconds.

Pour over anything!  Delicious!

Lily and OATS 005

Lily and OATS 004

Lily stayed close (under my desk) while I worked on my computer 🙂

Lily and OATS 002

Lily and OATS 003

I know I post a lot of the same things…food, workouts, my dogs, what protein I eat, drink, etc…But that’s what I like and I hope you guys like it too.   I just started blogging in November and I love it….a lot more than I love doing chores like laundry, and cleaning the bathrooms…..  Well I did get some laundry done yesterday so that is a plus right!

Hope your Saturday is going well! It’s snowing here!

What is your favorite Quaker product?

Have you tried the LOVEGROWN oats?