First of all I want to thank everyone for the kind words regarding my grandma, I really appreciate !  Our family is doing well.  I haven’t been very involved in social media this weekend, and I am posting this a little late but I hope you enjoy.

Its Friday again so you know what that means!


flashback friday

Let’s start with the food

I didn’t take a lot of food pictures this week so here you go!


FF #2 2

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites


Both of these are great snacks, full or protein!

FF #2 3

Paleo Sunshine Muffins

I realized with these muffins that they must be eaten within a few days….  Because they are so moist with the almond flour and applesauce, they wont last too long unless you keep them refrigerated 🙂  Just FYI.

How to Make Easy Roasted Chickpeas

FF #2 4

Healthy Breakfast Idea

National Carrot Cake Day- Yes I had cake!

FF #2 5

Gluten Free English Muffin

FF #2

Blueberry Muffin Bake

Love Grown Granola

FF #2 6

Apple Cinnamon Bake

FF #2 7


Ezekial Bread with Peanut Butter!

Now on to Fitness…

I told you I joined a new crossfit gym and I’ve been loving it.  I still will go lift weights on my own I’m sure, and maybe start running a little here and there if it warms up EVER!

The crossfit Gym is Called Crossfit Yall  (Yes I Live in Kentucky!)

So here we go….



FF 2



Biceps and Back

ff 2 2


Kettlebell Workout

Cf FF 2 3



Has anyone been doing the PushUp Challenge?

I did Wednesdays this past week on Thursday and I will be doing Fridays prob on Saturday.

On Thursday which would have been day 5 I believe, I did 15 real push ups!!  I am ALMOST to my goal!

pu challenge day 5

CF Ff 2 4

Crossfit-  I hate his handwriting, it’s so bad!

Have a good weekend!

What is your favorite kind of workout?