Good Morning!

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attune foods

Sunday was a baking day like usual…If you missed it I made blueberry muffin bake (Again? you ask, but it’s so good- my new favorite!) in the morning,  paleo pumpkin walnut muffins,  quinoa granola bars,  and I cooked some chicken and bacon for chicken Cobb salads for dinner, whoo!

sunday collage

So for breakfast I knew I wanted some kind of baked good.  I chose the Paleo pumpkin walnut muffin warmed in the microwave with a banana and melty almond butter! Yum. Quick and easy for a nurse on the go!

healthy breakfast


I had a bunch of leftovers:  turkey meatloaf muffins, moroccan inspired quinoa salad, and some chopped veggies.  There was also a bag of pita chips lying around at work so I grabbed a few handfuls 🙂 I love pita chips!

lunch collage

Quest Bar for another snack.

This week is the last full week of the push up challenge if you are following along…  Since I have started crossfit I havent been doing as many push up workouts, but still trying to get them in when I can.

Push-Up Challenge Week 3 Workout 1

Thank you Becky for hosting 🙂

We did push ups at Crossfit on Monday so it worked out well..  I am up to 16 and my goal is 20!  I hope I can do it.


(Did you see the new crossfit badge I made?- Here it is again! I love it.)

be TOUGH crossfit

Warm Up:  Coach led

Mobility:  Hips and Shoulders

Strength:  Intro and then work to a heavy 2 hand anyhow


EMOM for 13 min complete:

5 clapping push ups
5 hang snatch 45# bar

**I didn’t do clapping push ups but I did do hand release!

After dinner last night I had about 85 Girl Scoot Shortbread Cookies while I watched the bachelor!  Thanks mom for bringing them over (sarcastic).  I purposely didn’t buy any this year because I knew some would wind up at my house one way or another!

This is how I felt after!  This is one HUGE cookie.

For some reason I love these the best!

Have a wonderful day!