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Daily Archives: February 21, 2013

Good Morning!

Yesterday I worked 13 long hours and didnt have time to post much  😦  Sorry guys.
attune foods

The Attune Foods winner was announced…. The winner is Jackie

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special k used to be my fav and now i’m impressed with some of their new flavors like cinnamon pecan. these days I usually stick to kashi go lean for some added fiber.

Kate Please email me at fitcupcaker at gmail dot com with your email address so you can get your free products!

This is the last chance for you to contact me – If not, I will pick a NEW winner tomorrow!

I’ve also been updating my Recipe Page, and hoping to have a little blog updo soon 🙂

I made this new badge the other day and it brought me to something I wanted to talk about!

be TOUGH crossfit

My sister and I are working on our kipping pull ups at Crossfit.  I have only been doing crossfit for a couple of months, and my sister did 3 real kipping pull ups the other day!  I can do maybe one, so we are working hard on them!

Tips for Kipping Pull Up Success:

First, you must learn how to Kip

Kipping is whole-body, athletic, and demands coordination and agility. It is plyometric, requires flexibility of the shoulders, allows for rapid cycle time, and in totality represents an essential, unique, and powerful core to extremity motor recruitment pattern.


Once you have the Kip down, you can start trying the Kipping Pull Up!

# 1:  I think the main thing is to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE  –  You will never get it right if you don’t do this 🙂

# 2:  Be aggressive and don’t give up!  It is not easy 🙂

# 3:  Practice side by side with someone who knows how to do them correctly!

Last week, I had about 5 people in my ear telling me how to do them and it was just confusing me.  Eventually one girl came over and gave us some tips and practiced with us side by side.  It helped out a lot. 

I start with the smallest band possible and try to string them together.  I think the hardest part will be to do this without a band!  Let me remind you, doing them with a band is NOT a bad thing!  You are still gaining strength this way! 

Once you feel comfortable with a small band, try to do them without it 🙂  In a WOD with lots of pull ups- I would still use a band.

I think it takes a lot of time and work to get the pull up in a WOD without a band, but I will get there one day if I practice!


Any crossfiters out there have any special crossfit tips for doing kipping pull ups?

Have a wonderful Day, tomorrow is Friday!!

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