I Know it Saturday but, 

Welcome to Flashback Friday!

flashback friday

SUNDAY:  Crossfit and Meal Prep

FF- Crossfit Sunday 224

HSPU= Handstand Pushups.

Pull Ups- I used a band

Air Squats

food prep 225 for leangrbean

No Bake Protein Cookies

MONDAY:  Crossfit

CF for FF #4

Personal Record: 185# Sumo Deadlift

WOD: 9:21 – Started with Toes to Bar and eventually went to V-UPS

Here is some more info on V-Ups and Sumo Deadlifts

FF collage

Paleo Sweet Potato Brownies

Protein Blondie

protein loaf collage

Berry Protein Loaf

TUESDAY: Crossfit 5k/ Blueberry Goodness

Run 5K for Time= Not Fun since I haven’t run in forever!

5k crossfit

5k PR

I finished in 27:26 which is a personal record for me since I am a SLOW runner.

FF collage

Berry Protein Loaf AGAIN!

Rocky Road UMP

WEDNESDAY:  Off Day + Tuna melts + Abby Girl Sweets Cupcakes

lunch collage

tuna melt

cupcake collage

Thursday: Crossfit and a True Blue Blueberry Day

cf collage

Shoulder to OH= Push Press

Knees to Elbow or- Hanging Knee Raises (which is what I did)

21 Double Unders = Jump Rope

 bluebs collage

oats collage

How was your week of eats and fitness?

Anyone have any special plans this weekend??