Good Evening!  

I have missed you guys~  I had a busy weekend with friends and family, so here’s what happened.


 Friday we went to Everything’s D’Vine  for a wine/beer tasting for our friend’s birthday. We had a blast.

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

me and lindsey

the girls

the blondes

On Saturday I did my First Crossfit Open WOD: 13.1

Let’s just say I loved it and hated it at the same time!  I had to scale the weight of course, but it was still so hard!  I’m sad I didn’t get any pictures.  😦  I need to get better at that!


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This was the weight I used for the snatches:  27.5 lbs, 45 lbs, 55 lbs.  There’s no way I could even snatch 75# for 30 reps.  This was my first actual WOD that included snatches also so I was kind of scared!

I’ve only been doing crossfit for about a month so I am still a beginner, but I will get stronger!

 I figured the burpees would be the EASY part and I thought I would bust them out, but I was partially WRONG.  I did the first 40 burpee’s pretty quick, and the first snatches of 27.5 lbs was pretty easy too.  Then came the second set of burpees (30) and I was moving pretty slow.  I ended up getting to the third set of snatches with 55# and I got it up twice just before time ran out!

I actually felt like 18 minutes went pretty quick.  So my total score was 152.


After crossfit I came home and prepared lunch before my Family Girls Weekend!

Salad with one hard boiled egg, avocado, edamame, orange peppers, cucumbers, and a little bit of shard cheddar.


On the side:  some blackberries, and 1/2 of an English muffin with butter.  I was craving carbs!

I also made my own dressing: Grapessed oil, splash of balsamic, s&p, random spices, splash of lemon juice.


Designer Whey also sent me some of their awesome products to try out.  I have tried the french vanilla, and chocolate protein powders, so they sent me the white chocolate and some Protein to go!  How awesome, I love having this stuff on hand 🙂

designer whey 2

designer whey

The protein to go is awesome because you can just pour it into a water bottle, shake it up and take it to go.  I can always tell the difference between designer why products and other proteins because they has a certain smell to them.  I really like the flavors of protein drink mix, and each one has 10 grams of protein and only 1 gram of sugar!

They also have protein bars that I really want to try out!  They look so tasty!


Stay tuned for more of my Family Girl’s Weekend!

How was your weekend?

Have you tried any Designer Whey products?