Good Evening!

Saturday after I survived the Crossfit Open Wod 13.1 my mom, sister, and sister-in-law picked me up and we headed to Indiana for a family girls weekend.


 Cousin Sammy – Aunt Pat – Aunt Barb – sister in law Cari – mom – sis

First we went to the Amish Market.  It was so fun to see all the aisles and aisles of STUFF!



dutch collage

After shopping we went back to Patty’s and had a pre dinner drink, and some appetizers because we were all starving!


Sammy- Barb- Sis- Pat- Me- Cari

For dinner we went to a restaurant in town called “The Courtyard”


I had a pear flavored wine which was awesome plus a spinach salad to start.


I got bake cod with veggies for the main dish.


They also served warm bread with butter. The bread had a fruity/herbal taste but I couldn’t figure out what the herb what.  It was so good though!


After dinner we went back to the house to drink and play games.  It was fun to see my aunt’s get a little tipsy!

My aunt Barb brought this Sangria that she bought at Whole Foods. Remember when I told you guys that Eric’s grandparents brought us some oranges and grapefruits from Florida?!  Well I took some with me and we thought the oranges would be great in the sangria! It was tasty!


wine glass


A little bit later we had some more snacks.  We pretty much ate and drank all night!


hot nuts

Barb grabbed a handful of these nuts and tossed them in her mouth like it was nothing.   And then her eyes starting watering!  I knew to stay away at that point, since I am a wimp with hot stuff anyway!

We played a dice game called “pigs and chickens” that took FOREVER!  But it was really fun!  I think we might have made up that name though, because if you are greedy and try to go for more points you are a pig and if you quit early then you are a chicken!   Barb got so excited, she spilled her wine twice!


Let me tell you about Pat.  She collects baskets, and tons of other stuff too!  Just take a look at all of these:  *this is only a couple of the rooms in the house too!

basket collage

Baskets, and more baskets!

basket collage 2

We all decided to crash a little after midnight. I was so tired.


I couldn’t wait to wake up on Sunday for my favorite meal:  Breakfast!

Bacon, Sausage Casserole, Grapefruit from Florida

breakfast collage

They also had pecan cinnamon rolls, and a pumpkin cream cheese roll.  Of course I had to try a little bite of each 🙂  They were tasty!

I was supposed to go to crossfit when I got home, but I decided to take a nap instead!  It was much-needed after the time change!  Who doesn’t love naps?  Sadly, I don’t get enough of them.

When I woke up I did take Lily on a walk, so that counts as a little bit of exercise.

blueberrey muffin bake 017

We had a late dinner and decided to get take out.  My husband said he always wants Chinese or Thai food on Sundays!  So I gave in.  We got chicken pad thai!  I really need to learn how to make the Paleo pad thai, but then I would probably be the only one who eats it.


For dessert, a fortune cookie that stated  “If you carry your childhood with you, you never get old!”


And a few of these little dark chocolate guys.


I packed my lunch for work after dinner and I cut up some of these amazing looking strawberries.  Isn’t this the perfect looking fruit ever!?  Too good to be true if you ask me.  They were huge and juicy and delicious!


What is your favorite fruit?

Do you like Sangria? It reminds me of summer!

Do you collect a massive amount of anything like my Aunt does?