So I have been doing crossfit for about 2 months now and I am loving it.  The crossfit games are going on and at our box today we all got a stab at the 13.2!


Here we go!  The Second  Wod of the Crossfit Open: 13.2


I work out at Crossfit Y’all: the best crossfit gym in town, at least I think so!  We have a great group of trainers and the classes are small enough to where we still get one on one attention!

CF y'all

I got my station set up, right in front of my sister, so I could watch her as I went 🙂  Good Motivation!  I always get so nervous before the wod begins!

the box setup

The workout was the following:


Image Source

When I first saw what the workout was, I was actually a little bit excited.  Box Jumps don’t intimidate me! LOL.  Push Press is another story.  I thought for sure I could handle a 75lb push press through the whole thing, but 75 lb shoulder to overhead is HEAVY I decided to scaled the weight so I could get a better workout in, so I used 65#.

I thought I could get 5-7 Rounds for sure, but it was SUPER HARD.  My expectations were exceeded!

After doing a whole round of deadlifts and box jumps…Well let’s just say it was the longest ten minutes ever!  I think the “easiest” part of the workout was the deadlifts for sure.  

If you get a chance to try this workout, you need to go for it!  I’m thinking about trying it again to try to beat my score 🙂

3-2-1 Go!

push press

I did “push press” for shoulder to overhead. They said you could basically do any form that you needed to get it over your head! I was exhausted from these alone!

Then deadlifts:

deadlift 2


I look exhausted in most of these pictures!

Finally the box jumps:

box jumps

The first round I did jumping, but after that I did step ups and step downs, and my legs were still burning!

It was a great workout and I’m glad I did it!

I finished with 6 Rounds so my score was 180, which I was pretty happy with although I know I could do better!


Bella came to congratulate me!

I was proud that I did 13.2 after doing crossfit for only 2 months!

What fitness accomplishment are you proud of?