Why My Forearms Are Numb!

You guys should know my knew LOVE for CROSSFIT by now right? Well I am addicted!


Last night at Crossfit we did a BRUTAL workout.

Warm Up

  • 3 laps around the building
  • 500 Meter Row
  • 25 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 Inch Worms


brutal KB workout

I used 20 lb dumbbells for the shoulders to overhead which seemed like a perfect weight = 40 lbs total.

It took me 11:05 to finish which was good for me!  Coach said to aim for 10-12 minutes so I was right on target!  The Pull Ups were the hardest Part for me.  I used a blue band to help me.  I am learning to how Kip but I still have to use a band for the workouts.

Can you guess why my forearms felt numb after the workout yet???

Let me tell you… KETTLEBELL SWINGS!  

KB swing

The main stabilizers during the swing are the core, shoulders and hamstrings, so basically it is a full body workout!  You can’t beat that.  Combined with pull ups, well need I say more?  I could barely make a fist with my hands after because my forearms actually felt numb!

Kipping Pull Up With Band

kip pu

kip pu 2

Check out my post on Tips for Kipping Pullups!

Shoulder to Overhead



PS >Here is a great read on Kettlebell training– How to Burn Fat and Build Muscle!

Now, Let’s switch gears to food and Some Other Random Things I’ve Been Diggin’

ALMONDS – ALL kinds of Flavors!


Make sure you dont eat right from the box or bag- measure it out!  If I eat straight from the bag I will never stop!





I love food 016

I had the strawberry cheesecake today for my afternoon snack which was actually pretty good.  I saved this one for last, along with a couple of others because I wasn’t sure If I was going to like it. Strawberry protein bar? I just didn’t know about it!?!


The only flavor that didn’t come in my sample box that Quest Nutrition sent me was the chocolate cookie dough.  I need to find this flavor!


Lately I’ve been wanting to redecorate like MY WHOLE HOUSE…I guess that happens when it’s about to be spring time and I want new fresh things 🙂  Although it’s still in the 40’s here and yesterday was officially the first day of spring!  Where are you warm weather?? Anyways, I want to make a Spring or Easter Arrangement like some of these:


Pretty Easter Centerpiece

Spring Mason Jar

Mason Jar Succulents and Spring Mantel Tatertots & Jello #Spring #masonjars

Mason Jar Luminary

DIY Mason Jar Luminaries. Great way to make your decor go farther. Could be done with cream or black lace too.



I love my pups!

What are you Diggin’ Right Now?