Good Morning!

I have a lot of catching up to do with you guys!


How could I forget to tell you that on Friday I had a cupcake from Sprinkles.  You know Sprinkles in Chicago!!  A lady from work went to Chicago for a conference and brought my friend and I back a cupcake!  We split the cinnamon sugar and the peanut butter chip. SO good!  If you live in Chicago, I am jealous!



On Saturday I had to work, boo!  But I took my breakfast on the go!

I microwaved some eggs, and put some laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese with a sausage patty on a Van’s toasted English muffin.  YUM.  I love these whole grain English muffins.  They have such a great nutty flavor!


breakfast sandwich

I wrapped it in foil and took it to go!  Yes, I eat in the car way too much.

bf sandwich to go

On the way home I stopped at Kroger and picked up some awesome additions that I needed for my pantry!



I’ve seen a lot of people using these sweeteners and I knew I had to try them out!

Lunch was a huge salad of course.  A little addition of tomato flavored supereedz gave my salad a unique twist.


With some leftover spinach and Asiago quiche


My afternoon snack when I got home from work was pretty interesting too.  I topped a chocolate rice cake with a mixture of vanilla Greek yogurt and Pb2.  Pretty delicious!

Quaker Rice Cakes - Chocolate Crunch


rice cake

And then we had friends over for Food/Drinks. I made homemade Pizza’s with Wildtree whole wheat pizza dough.

pizza night


I couldn’t get the crust into a complete circle so they were kind of oblong.  It was a fun night!


I started off my morning with a piece of Berry Protein Loaf with Almond Butter and some extra warm blackberries.

fav breakfast

I also drank a light chai tea latte while I worked on bills etc, fun fun.



Crossfit on Sunday was weird, but fun.

turkish get up


I had never heard ff a turkish get up before.  It makes you balance and worked the core a lot more than I thought it would.  I did it with a 45lb kettlebell and almost a 50 lb dumbbell but I dropped it on the way back down and by the 7th round my arm was shaking!

More to come on my weekend meal prep and some more delicious babycakes! 

How was your weekend?

Have you done Any interesting/different exercises lately?