Good Morning!  Here goes another WIAW.

What I Ate Wednesday

Thanks Jenn for hosting 🙂

Since My sugar coma on Eater I have really been trying to lay off the candy, but it is everywhere!  I’m trying to resist the temptation.  I will be heading to Florida in May and I’m really trying to get ready for swimsuit season ya know!

First I want to tell you my plan for this:  My crossfit trainer gave me some tips on how much Fat/Carbs/Protein I should consume each day.  I told him I wanted to maintain my weight but gain muscle. We talked about how many calories I could consume in a day if I did NO EXERCISE at all and then how much I should consume to lose 1 lb of body fat per week.  Did you know 1 lb of body fat = 3500 calories!?

Basically for my body weight and fat % if I want to lose any body fat I should focus on eating around 1600 calories.  I don’t really count calories and I hate doing this because I find myself becoming obsessed with it!  So I am just going to try to watch how many carbs/sugar I take in while prepping for my beach body 🙂 LOL.  I think I usually eat more than this most days.

With this comes a ratio of Fat/Carbs/Protein which = 30/40/30.  Mine should be around ——– which comes to about 54 grams fat (which I know I exceed already- with my love of cheese and peanut butter) 160 grams of carbs and 120 grams protein each day.  I think this is pretty manageable, but we will see how I do.


“Carbohydrates 100-150 grams/day = Maintenance Range

This range is based on body weight and activity level. When combined with exercises, allows for genetically optimal fat burning and muscle development. In this range you can enjoy abundant vegetables and fruits, but you should watch your grains and sugars.”  Source

With this in mind… this is what I ate the first day– with non obsessed tracking, but mindful watching 🙂


Blueberry Banana Protein Pancakes:


omg pancakes

pancake love

Post workout Fuel: Protein Shake

While Prepping Lunch I ate the rest of these blueberries.


Lunch: Paleo English muffin with laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese (hence my love for cheese)

paleo english muffin

Also some scrambled eggs with veggies and turkey sausage, yum.


Look who thinks she’s getting some:

lil food begger

Green Tea


Surprise Surprise, I was still hungry after lunch so I had a heaping scoop of almond butter hoping it would hold me over for a while.


Another snack:

special k

While Prepping dinner- a handful of these because I was starving!


Dinner:  Chicken Enchiladas (low carb wraps) Adapted from Skinnytaste

chx ench



On top I used a ready made red chile enchilada sauce 🙂



low carb chzx enchiladas


How was your hump Day? Any tasty eats?

Do your pets sit near or under you when you eat?