Good Morning!

I have been doing crossfit for about 3 months now, 2 months at my new and favorite Box Crossfit Y’all and I am loving it.  I have said this before but it pushes me to do things I wouldn’t do on my own which is why I love it!  Today I wanted to recap on my some of my favorite workouts and what I have learned so far.

crossfit has taught me

1.  STRENGTH COMES WITH TIME.  I am NOT the strongest Girl and I will NOT be, but I can work hard to get stronger each week.

2.  Practice makes Better- not Perfect!  Even people who have done crossfit for years still are not perfect.  Crossfit technique is something that I will work on for a long time and still not be the best at and I am okay with this.   Education is a big part of CrossFit. When you start, you are not expected to know everything.

3.  It is OKAY to be scared to do something new!  I was SO SCARED to do anything Overhead when I started but now I am gaining confidence on my Overhead squats and snatches.


5.  It is GOOD to take days OFF and let your muscles recover!  When I had my foot injury and I wasn’t able to work out for 3 days I thought the world was over.  I then thought, “Maybe this is a sign from God telling me to rest!?”  Muscles need time to rebuild and our body needs it.

6. Never say “I CANT” do something.  This results in burpees!!    Even if you think you cannot perform the exercise at that time, still do not say these words.  Eventually you will be able to do it!

7.  It is OKAY to scale the weight.  No I cannot clean and jerk 95 lbs 30 times- Silly “Grace” but I can scale the weight and still get a good workout and push myself!  This doesnt make you weak!


8.  Keep a Crossfit Journal so you can record your workouts so you know where you are improving and what you need to work on!


These are Some of my favorite workouts so far :

brutal KB workout

Group WOD Fri 2

Some of my least favorite where I thought I was going to possibly pass out:

The thing about crossfit is, the workouts may LOOK easy, but they are SO deceiving!  This one was a doozy!

snatch grip DL WOD

burpee ttb wod

My latest PR is that I can do 3 Kipping Pull Ups without a band- woo hoo!  Progress takes time 🙂

What is one goal that took you time but you eventually reached?