Good Morning!  Happy Friday!

It’s so Awesome to hear bird chirping in the morning isn’t it?  Thank God I think it’s finally Spring, even though it does need to warm up some more!!

This morning I wanted to recap on some good eats I had this week.  It will be short and sweet this morning because I have to get to work!

flashback friday

Chicken Enchiladas Adapted from SkinnyTaste

low carb chzx enchiladas

Blueberry Protein Banana Pancakes


Dark Chocolate Turtles- homemade


Mini Quiche Muffins


More Dark Chocolate 🙂


Salad with Roasted Chickpeas- YUM.


Van’s Protein Waffle with Almond Butter and Banana.


Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace


I think you know what this is 🙂

blue moon


If you missed my post yesterday about What Crossfit Has Taught Me {So Far} You should really check it out!

Oh and last night, another PR.  I did 4 Kipping Pull Ups!  Yay.

Last Night’s Crossfit Session was kind of Brutal.

This was the Wod:

  • Row 7500 Meters As Fast As Possible:  30  Min. Time Cap

So I did the row for 30 minutes and got 5836 Meters.  I am tall so everyone keeps telling me I should be VERY good at rowing.  I guess I need to get better at at!

After rowing for 30 minutes straight my shoulders were on fire, and my butt was numb… something to look forward to right?

Tonight at Crossfit we are doing the Open 13.5!

Workout 13.5

4 minute AMRAP of:
15 Thrusters (100 / 65 lbs)
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups
*4 minute bonus for every 90 reps (3 rounds) completed.

At our Box you can do RX2 meaning if you have to use a band to do the pull ups, or scale the weight.  I will be doing RX2 because I will have to use a band for the pull ups.

I will let you know how I do!?!

I’ll be back later this weekend!  Have a good Friday!

What was your favorite eat of the week?

Link Of The Day:

Protein Cookie Dough Crumble

protein cookie dough crumble