Good Morning!

First, some of you asked me for the Crossfit/Paleo Two Week Menu that I printed off as a guide. Well here it is. It’s pretty basic, simple, and kind of boring but enjoy!

Finally Warm weather!  Do you know what that means!?!-  Flip Flops!!  Nothing could make me happier right now.  We did take big jump from 60 degrees to like 80 degrees yesterday!  Woo!

Since It is officially SPRING TIME I wanted to share:

What’s In My Gym Bag!

gym bag

  • Flip Flops (duh)  Our Crossfit gym doesn’t have air conditioning- which doesn’t bother me.  But in the dead of summer I’m sure it would be HOT HOT, so I make sure I have my flip flops to change into after my workout.  These are PUMA sandals that I love, and I really need to buy more!


  • Blender Bottle – I’ll drink my pre workout in it and then I will fill it with water at the gym. See my next item for more info on the pre workout!  I also use my blender bottle to refuel with my protein shake after my workout!  I like to drink it within 30 minutes of finishing.


  • Pre Workout-  I use Jack 3D because it doesn’t have creatine in it.  Sometimes creatine can make you hold onto water and make you feel bloated.  I don’t like that feeling.  Also this pre workout doesn’t make me feel tingly all over like some do!  This one is perfect for me.    The only downfall I would say is that it is harsh on the belly, if you know what I mean.  If you have any kind of intestinal issues- this would not be a good choice for you. 


  • My Cell Phone.  I like to take pictures of my results when we write them up on the whiteboard so I don’t forget!   I’ll also use my phone to take photo shots if I don’t have my regular camera.  Plus, I can’t leave the house without my phone!


For example:  They call me “cupcake”


  • WOD Book – I love this book!!  It has all the “girls” and all the “hero’s” and major lifts so you can write down the dates and how much weight you lifted etc.  It’s great to have!


  • Snacks!  –  I always pack my protein powder!  Sometimes I will even pack other snacks If I am not going home to eat right away.  Here are my Peanut Butter Protein Balls.   Refueling with protein after a workout is essential!


  • Hand Sanitizer!  Crossfit gyms are pretty “not so clean” and my hands are always gross after!  I love having hand sanitizer for a quick clean up!


  • Deodorant – Speaking of clean —  The other day I went to crossfit straight from working 10 hours.  I felt like I stunk instantly, ewww 😦  Deoderant is key!  You don’t want to be stinking it up!

  • Tall Socks – You never know what you are going to be dead lifting or rubbing that awesome barbell up your leg!  Long socks are essential for crossfit.  I bruise easily too.  I bought a pack at Dick’s on sale: 3 for 10!


  • Crossfit Lifting Shoes–  I bought the New Balance WX 20’s.  Lifting shoes are so important because they help you stay on your HEELS instead of falling onto your toes.  It makes a huge difference!  Until I got my new shoes I had to lift in bare foot.  Not fun.


  • Gloves – I don’t always use the gloves because sometimes they make lifting harder believe it or not, but I do like to have them just in case I need them.  After doing a million pull ups, or toes to bar your hands can get pretty raw 😦
  • Headbands – well I think it’s a given why these are needed.


  • Headphones/earbuds –  We rarely use headphones at the crossfit gym.  The only time they allow it is when we are running or rowing long distances.  They pump up the jam usually so we have plenty of noise to keep us distracted.  Not to mention the coaches yelling, keeping us motivated!

I wish I had these!!


One thing I need that I don’t have is WRIST STRAPS.   

Now that you know what I carry around, What’s in your Gym Bag?