Good Morning!

I thought I would switch it up for once and today I don’t want to talk about me, or people in general.  I want to talk about Pets and the weird things they do!  If you have pets you know they are like humans and they take up much of our time, at least mine do!!

I have two dogs: Lily and Jackson



I think he is smiling in this picture 🙂

Anyways, My dogs are so weird.  Lily was on steroids for a while because she had such bad allergies and was licking her skin raw, poor baby.  During this time she was STARVING and wanted to eat everything in sight, including my other dog’s food!

She would go over and lick the bowl after Jackson was done eating and ever since this time, Jackson will not eat his food out of his bowl!  It takes him 2 hours to eat too!  I don’t understand it at all.  I’ve separated them and it seems like he is scared to eat now, and it makes me sad.

He will sit by me and want to eat my food, but not his!


So, I’ve tried different ways to make him eat.  I’ve put it out on a towel for him to eat from, wondering if he feels like his bowl has been taken over from Lily licking it…


Nothing happened…

I’ve tried feeding him from my hand:


Which worked!  But, I can’t sit there every morning and night hand feeding him!

I’ve tried holding the bowl to his face!!!


That didn’t even work! UGH

I poured it onto the floor, saying “Eat Jackson, Eat!”


He will eat it that way sometimes, but not all the time.

He just walks away and stares at the ceiling!  He’s probably thinking “You can’t force me to eat!”


He will eat people food without hesitation, of course, what dog wouldn’t.  Maybe he just doesn’t like the taste of puppy food?

Why is this happening?  Lily is so dominant over him that I think he is scared to eat, and now that she has licked his bowl I believe he never wants to eat from it again.  I guess I need to get to the pet store and get shopping for new bowl!?

Has this ever happened to you before?  I need insight people!

Also, please tell me your dogs stare at the sun spot!  It doesn’t matter where it is, they will find it and put their nose in it!

My Dogs are Also:


2010 003


lil food begger

Sports Fans

jackson,lily- my 27th bday 005

Snow Bunnies

blog 2012 029

Buddies (sometimes)


Tag Alongs

mostly lily 018

Peanut Butter Lovers

mostly lily 014

Human Sleepers (Bed Hog) I swear she put those pillows right where she needed them!




Now that you got to see into the life of my dogs, what are some weird things your pets do?