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Daily Archives: May 1, 2013

Good Morning!

First, Don’t forget to enter my Artisana Prize Pack Giveaway!  I’ll pick a winner tomorrow!

Now, I am hooking up with Jenn again for another WIAW.

Peas and Crayons

Dinner on Monday Night:  I couldn’t leave this out because it was soooo good.

Laura’s Lean Burgers with Sweet Potato Tots

lauras lean burger


You NEED to have ketchup with this meal 🙂

These tots are actually called sweet potato puffs and they tasted like real sweet potatoes!  My husband asked if I made them, so this has to tell you something right?  That means I am a good cook!  At least let’s pretend!


Working 10-12 hour shifts really keeps me busy so It is crucial that I meal plan and pack for long days so I don’t go off on bad eating habits (which I still do at times- I am not perfect!).  I try to pack all my meals and snacks so I don’t go on boredom trips to the cafeteria coming away with chips, pop, or candy!!

So This is what I had yesterday at work!

Breakfast: 6 am- way to early!

Egg Waffle-wich laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese! I love van’s power waffles.  They have 10 grams of protein.

waffle wich

I drank my Vitamin water throughout the morning too.

vitamin water

Snack: 10 am ish- I cant believe breakfast held me over this long!  I’ll remember this!


Peanut Butter Protein Ball

carb master

Lunch: 1:30

Oriental Chicken Salad

Veggies (broccoli, peppers, tomato, avocado) with salt and lime juice



Snack: 4:30


Sea Salt Almonds- I actually ate these pretty soon after my lunch. I just needed a little extra.


And a little afternoon pick me up.  (See this is where I am not perfect!)

pick me up

Dinner: 7:30– Not the most veggie filled, but delicious!  I had to throw something together quickly after crossfit for a hungry husband and me of course.

Low Carb Chicken and Turkey Bacon Wrap- with lettuce, tomato, onion and just a smidgen (yes this is an actual word) of litehouse yogurt ranch (made with Kefir)

wrap collage

A few strawberries from the batch I chopped up on Sunday and a handful of nut thin crackers 🙂

dinner collage

Dessert:  Tablespoon of almond butter before bed!

Did you have any good eats yesterday?

What is your “not so perfect” craving?

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