Good Morning!  Happy Friday

Wow that’s a long title….

Yesterday I had a Quick protein shake with a scoop of almond butter for breakfast before running to take Jackson to get neutered.  Poor guy!  It had to be done though.  More on that in a minute though.  Let’s talk about Crossfit!


After I dropped Jackson off at the vet I went and made him a doggie name tag before heading to crossfit.


Today was an “off” day so I decided to work on a few things that I struggle with:

I can do toes to bar but I cant string them together very well.  I’m also trying to work on my “clean” form.   I took it easy at crossfit today because yesterdays workout was a killer.  I called  it “Killer”: seemed appropriate.


CF Killer

I finished in 46:19 which I was okay with I guess. I could have done better though.

250 double unders are very hard, especially at the end of a workout, so we could scale and do single unders but we had to add 25 tuck jumps.  My legs were jello after and my biceps are still sore!


After crossfit Eric and I had a day/lunch date.  We went to my favorite place… you know it, Bellevue Bistro!  I finally got him to go with me and he loved it!

Bb bellevue bistro

I got the Mediterranean Bake with sweet potatoes and he got the goetta grilled cheese!  Goetta is the bomb!

med bake

mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach, basil, feta & mozzarella on top of potatoes with 2 fried eggs.

We ran some errands and headed home to wait for the call that Jackson was ready to be picked up.


So I decided to go on a run with me friend Jen yesterday afternoon and I figured we would “PLAY IT BE EAR” since I had a busy afternoon!

run shoes

For the Longest time I thought the saying “Play it by ear” was being said “play it by year” and one time I text it wrong to my husband and of course he had to correct me.  Now I always pay close attention when people say this.

Anyhoo, Jen and myself are trying to get back into running so we did a short 2 miles with some running/walking.   I suggest this type of workout if you are a beginner runner or trying to get back into running like we are!

running interval workout

This was a good/steady workout.  When I was finished I went and picked Jax up from the vet.  Poor guy, he was so exhausted!



I put Jackson’s name tag on him when we got home.  He is now officially Jackson 🙂


And a big thanks to Giselle for having an awesome giveaway.  I got my protein in the mail the other day! I can’t wait to try it!


This is all natural, only sweetened with stevia, so I am excited to try it!

Dinner:  BBQ Apple Chicken  Adapted from

I’ve made these with turkey burgers which is what the original recipe uses but I thought I would try chicken and I loved it.  I didn’t have any mini babybell’s on hand so I used thin swiss cheese and it was amazing!  These thin slices only have 40 calories.

apple chicken

We also had side summer salad’s and broccoli.


Dessert:  Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies– Recipes from

I had all these bananas that were about to go bad….I couldn’t waste them!  So I made a smoothie for the morning and made these awesome cookies!!


I had two!  My step son Alec even liked them and 11 year old boys never like anything.  I used smart balance (light with flaxseed oil) butter and Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips.


Makes 8 BIG cookies.

cookies 2

Any fun weekend Derby Plans?

What do you like to make with those browning bananas?