Good Morning!

I am just popping in real quick to say HI and tell you that I am back from BLEND 2013 which was amazing!  It was a short trip, and a great one at that but I am so glad to be home to see my husband and my puppies!

They were pumped to see me this morning 🙂


BLEND is a retreat in Park City, Utah where Bloggers + Friends become BLENDS!  And indeed we did that!  We had so much fun eating, walking, hiking, eating more (of course healthy things) sometimes, being sore from bootcamp, etc. The mountains were absolutely beautiful, and even though we didn’t have the greatest weather 24/7 it was still so much fun!   Since I have only been blogging for about 6 months I was hesitant about the trip at first but It was an incredible experience and I am so glad I went.

There is so much to write about so I will be splitting it up into different posts for you guys.  I think I took 300 pictures over the course of the weekend, so I’m sure you don’t want that all in one right?  That’s what I thought!!

So this is what I left yesterday 😦


So sad, but I met TONS of awesome ladies and I cant wait to hang out with them again soon!


I’ll tell you more about all of them in detail later, so you better hang around!



We also got tons of SWAG!  And by tons, I literally mean a ton. I don’t know how I am going to eat all of this.  Well actually, I probably will eat all of it with no problem.

swag collage revised


A huge thank you to Janetha, Lindsay, and Katie for putting this whole retreat together!!  It was a blast!  I can’t wait to go next year!

Be on the lookout for more posts on:

  • Breakfasts hosted by Chobani, Mueslie, and the Laughing Cow!
  • SWAG
  • Bootcamps hosted by GPP Fitness
  • 4 Mile Hike
  • Welcome Receptions/Cocktail Party
  • The Bloggers!
  • Park City

I can’t wait to share everything with you guys!

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