Good Morning and Happy Memorial Day!

Today I have a guest post from Becky, a friend I met at BLEND retreat, who is so awesome and fun to hang out with!  I hope you enjoy 🙂

Hi! I’m Becky from over at Olives ‘n’ Wine – a blog where I share my passion for keeping a balanced life through eating well, tasting great wine, staying active, and traveling to new places – and I’m excited to be doing a guest post for Sara today 🙂

Becky in Cali (1)

As I’m sure all of you Fitcupcaker readers already know, Sara is a HUGE CrossFit fanatic! She posts her amazing CrossFit workouts and photos of her lifting a bajillion and two pounds almost daily. Sara is one strong chic!

A little over a month ago, I read that Sara was going to try to get back into running. I am a runner and could not have been more excited to hear this 🙂

Get Lucky Race - Becky

When I first started running, I ran (pun intended!) into many obstacles that made me feel defeated and *gasp* I almost gave up on running. So today, I am going to share with you a few tips and tricks for beginner runners and a fun running workout to get you moving!

  1. 1.      Walk! I always felt like a failure if I had to take a walking break during a run. Walking is not only something you should not be ashamed of, it will actually help increase your endurance! When training for my half-marathon in 2011, I took a short walking break every few miles – it helped slow down my heart rate and gave me a few seconds to recover before the next few miles. I always recommend incorporating walking into your running workouts!
  2. 2.      Start at a slow pace. One of my typical running “fails” is that I start out on a run too quickly and then lose momentum and energy before my goal time or distance. My recommendation is to start running at a pace that feels slow to you. If you are feeling good after the first mile then speed up! It is also totally okay to not keep a steady pace over the course of a run. My pace splits vary greatly by mile and I’ve come to realize that this has helped me to become a better runner by giving my legs and lungs rest on my slower miles and challenging me on my faster miles!
  3. 3.      Get off of the treadmill and change up your running paths. It gets boring looking at the same scenery on every single run. It is even more boring to stare at a treadmill screen during your run. I have found that I tend to lose motivation to run if I run the same route daily and unless there are a few feet of snow on the ground or it is 500 degrees outside, I refuse to touch a treadmill. So, leave your treadmill in the dust and get outside! The fresh air and Vitamin D will make you feel awesome and seeing new landscapes while running will keep each run exciting and new 🙂
  4. 4.      Invite a friend! I’m guilty of not following this tip so I need to start heeding my own advice! Even if you prefer to run solo, invite a fellow runner along every once in a while. Their natural pace will be different than yours and will challenge you to push yourself harder – in either distance or pace or both! And trust me, with the great conversations you’ll be having, you won’t even notice the extra few miles or the faster pace.
  5. 5.      Have fun with running. This one is the most important. If you aren’t having fun with it then you’re going to dread running! Take your dog, run to brunch and back, do an interval run – just do what is fun for you! Running doesn’t need to be serious and you don’t have to race. Just have fun 🙂

Ready to Run

Speaking of having fun with running… here is a fun running workout to get you started! I incorporated a few strength components into this workout because I know if I include something related to CrossFit, it will get Sara out on another run 😉

Beginners Running Workout

As I mentioned above, don’t be afraid to add in some extra walking time into this workout! Do whatever feels best for you.

Last but not least, a big thanks to Sara for inviting me to guest post today while she’s enjoying the Florida sun 🙂

Are you a runner? How did you begin running? If not, have you ever considered getting into running?