Good Afternoon!  

Time got away from me this morning and I forgot to post something…that’s what vacation does to ya I guess!!

Recently I was contacted about trying some new Lock Laces.  I’m sure you  have seen them around because they are becoming a lot more popular.  If you haven’t, they sell them at Dicks, Meijer, and you can buy them on Amazon.  


I was sent 3 pairs:  Green, Purple, and Pink and last weekend when I was at BLEND retreat I got some more in my swag bag, the gray ones.  I’m really becoming fond of these elastic laces.

lock lace

The Patented “No Tie” Lace Lock and Elastic Shoelace System

“Lock Laces are a patented mens and womens elastic (bungee laces) no tie athletic shoelaces and fastening system. Engineered and designed to improve performance; tieless shoelaces keep laces locked and secure throughout a race, game, practice or workout. The safer alternative to velcro shoes. Get them now for your sneakers, walking shoes and hiking boots. Perfect for marathon running and every day casual use.”


I was skeptical at first and they looked super confusing,  but the easy instructions on the back on the pack had me set in no time.  Yes I am a blonde, but a smart one 🙂

1.  Lace shoes like normal, easy!
2.  Squeeze circular lock and thread each lace through.  (This is the round clip that says “lock Laces” on it)
3.  Use scissors to cut laces 2-3 inches below the lock
4.  Insert laces into the other clip and press to close


You can also watch a video on how to do it if you are a visual learner like I am 🙂

As we all know I am not a superb runner at all but I thought I would try them on and go for a run.  I actually really liked them!  You can easily loosen and tighten and then tighten the clasp at the top.

I love all the bright colors.  I put the green ones in my Nike’s and thought they would look cool…

lock laces

But they looked better in my brother in law’s shoes, so I let him have them.  He loves them too, and he made a cool design with his.

green lock lace


Have you ever tried lock laces??