Good Morning!

Today I am linking up with Lindsay over at Theleangreenbean who started a Pin It Party for bloggers to have a fun way to get some Pinterest exposure!  Who doesn’t love pinterest anyway!  Here is a fun fact, I have 29 boards, I know this seems like a lot right!?  Well, my mom has 59 boards with all kinds of hobbies, and interests!

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pin it party Pin It Party

The goal is for bloggers to gather 5 posts they’d like to see on Pinterest. Each post should include a pinnable picture and a short description. After that, visit at least 3 other posts and start pinning!

Here are my 5 Posts :

Number 1:


{Single Serving Macadamia Nut Chocolate Chip Cookie}

This healthy dessert will have your mouth watering and craving cookies all week long!!  Good thing this is a healthy version!  I love Nikki’s Coconut Butter because it is tasty and has very little sugar in one serving!

Number 2.

straw shortcake

{Paleo Strawberry Shortcake}

If you love a great summertime dessert like I do, this will surely fit your fancy- (and your waistline)!  With only 8 grams of sugar you cannot go wrong with these.  Top with strawberries and you are good to go!

Number 3. 

travel WOD

{Travel Workouts}

I used most of these workouts when I was recently in Florida.  If you don’t have any equipment I suggest doing a tabata!  I love these because they keep your heart rate up without doing the same thing over and over.

Number 4.

broc cass

{Skinny Broccoli and Cheese Casserole}

This is one of my all time favorite dishes: Broccoli with laughing cow cheese and a crunchy almond topping.  There is not a better side dish according to me 🙂

Number 5.

crossfit has taught me

{What Crossfit Has Taught Me- So Far}

I’ve been doing crossfit for about 4 months now and I have learned alot, and keep learning…Check out this post to see it all 🙂

Thank you Lindsay for hosting this awesome pinning party, as if I wasn’t already obsessed with Pinterest like my mom with her 59 boards, now I am even more!

Are you Pinterest obsessed?  

Let me know if you linked up so I can go visit your posts too!