Good Morning!

Yesterday I gave you my meal plan for the week and it was inspired by this picture 🙂   My friend from crossfit wrote me a sample 7 day meal plan that I am trying this week and I’m doing my best to stay on track with it!


My grocery List:

  • romaine lettuce
  • spinach
  • spaghetti squash
  • acorn squash
  • yellow squash/zucchini
  • tomato/cucumber/red onion/ bell peppers
  • carrots
  • turkey bacon
  • eggs
  • frozen chicken/ ready-made chicken/ tuna / salmon
  • coconut milk- can
  • blueberries/ strawberries

Lately, like half of the world these days, I am trying to stick to my grocery budget and only buy things that I NEED, not WANT!  I know this can be a hard task sometimes.  As soon as I wonder down the healthy food aisles at Kroger I am bound to buy things that are not on my list.  For example I wanted to buy more flavors of greek yogurt, maybe a new cereal, etc….but I had to stick to the list!

This week I planned out most of my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners so I knew exactly what I needed.  I know this can get boring at times, but as long as you spice it up by trying new dinners each week, you should be golden!

I don’t really have a total set yet, but I am working on it.  I figured if I could narrow my grocery budget to 300-350 from like 500 a month I could really save some moola if you know what I mean!  Of course, healthy and organic foods are more expensive so you really need to be precise on what you NEED to buy organic.  That is a whole other day of blogging folks 🙂

Here are some tips that I started using for sticking to your grocery budget:

Make a List:

groc list

When I say make a list, I mean write down what you are going to buy at the store, and stick to it!  If you need eggs and cheese, don’t walk down the candy or cereal aisle because you will be tempted!  I know I am.

Don’t Stray:

Like I said before, I love grocery shopping.  It is like my special time, lol.  I love looking at all the new items in the health food aisles and I take my time reading labels, but if I sneak a peek in the chip aisle or the protein bar aisle I am done. Stick to your list and get in and out people!

Keep tabs on what you have at home before you go to the store:

I love LUNA Bars, and rightly so because they are the bomb!  I will have 3 bars at home and then I’ll go to the store and see a different flavor I want and I’ll end up with 10 protein bars in my cart!!  This cannot happen.  I probably won’t even eat all of these before my next shopping trip anyway!  Remember what you have at home and don’t buy unnecessary items.

Also, look to see what kind of meats you have (if you eat meat) and figure out a meal plan with the meat you have first and then buy accordingly.  If I have burgers and shrimp and chicken but no fish, only buy fish!  The chicken will still be at the store in a couple of weeks when you go back!

Don’t buy something just because it is on sale:

I am super BAD at this one.  I have a million tubs of laughing cow cream cheese thanks to my summer package I received!


Of course laughing cow was on sale and I was so tempted to reach for my favorite cinnamon cream cheese flavor!  I  had to remind myself that It will be on sale again and I still have like 84 wedges of different cheeses at home.

**I hope these shopping tips help you stay on track with your grocery budget!

Do you ever come home with things that aren’t on your list??