Good Morning!

We are rounding third base and heading home aren’t we? I mean It’s almost Friday!

Recently at work there has been some changes in the cafeteria that are stirring up some major emotions if you ask me.  Now, I don’t really go to the cafeteria at work because I usually pack my lunches.  On an odd day I might go visit the salad bar or get an iced tea or something like that.

We have a Larosas Pizza along with a Gold Star Chili, and a grill that makes all kinds of fried foods.  Word around town is that all the fried foods are going away, and the restaurants will be closing.  I could care less because I don’t enjoy fried foods on a daily basis anyway but some people are mad!

gold star collage

Another change is that packages are smaller, and contain only one serving instead of 3-5 servings.  I kind of like this actually because before if I wanted a pack of almonds I would have to buy a huge bag and it came with more than one serving and I would just munch away and before I knew it the whole bag was gone!

The other day I bought these cashews and I was actually glad it was a smaller bag but it was still 2 oz.

cashews 2

A lot of people don’t know what one serving is so if you familiarize yourself with these charts below you can get an idea of how much you should be eating.


I think it is especially important to look at the package and read to find out exactly what one serving is.  I don’t eat straight from the box or pack or jar either because I will definitely consume more than I need!

For example:  2 tbsp of nut butter = 1 serving.  I’m telling you not to eat from the jar because this can add to more fat and calories than expected!  Been there, done that!


Here are some food groups with examples of what one serving should look like.


Almonds:   1/4 cup of almonds = Golf ball (or 23-28 almonds, depending on the size)

Avocado:  This is a tricky one.  1/5 or 1 oz is one serving (about 3 slices).  1/4 of an avocado is 1.24 servings and 60 calories.  1/2 of an avocado is 2.5 servings!   Be careful with your good for you fats 🙂

Avocado on fork


Nut Butters:   2 tbsp or size of a ping pong ball.


Chicken/lean beef:   3 oz= deck of cards


1 medium apple or orange

Banana:   About 8 inches or the size of a pencil

Strawberries:   About 12= 1 Cup- or the size of a baseball

Some people say a serving of chopped fruit is 1/2 cup and others say it is 1 cup.  I say eat whatever you fee like because either way you are eating fruit and that is good 🙂


2 cups leafy vegetables (spinach)
1 cup of raw vegetables

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