Good Morning!

This past weekend my mom and I made a trip to Whole Foods and Jason’s Deli in Rookwood!  We don’t always get up that way because it takes a little while to get there.  It took us about 25 minutes which really isn’t a bad drive at all, but it’s not like just driving down the street to get groceries.

I loved Jason’s Deli so much!  They have a variety of sandwiches, salads, potatoes, fruit etc.  I got the salad bar and would you look at this spread!

johsn deli salad

I also tried a cup of the tomato basil soup which was out of this world good!

tomato basil

Some crackers found their way into my purse too.


And the best thing about this place:  Free Soft Serve!

soft serve

After lunch we headed over to Whole Foods.  I could spend hours in this place, and I think we almost did.  I didn’t get a whole lot of things but I do like to pick out fun treats that I can’t get at a regular grocery store.  The only sad part about my trip is that they didn’t have the carrot cake Luna bar 😦

whole foods

Healthy Snacking:

whole foods snacks

Healthy snacking isn’t always easy for my having a 12-year-old step son living in the house. Usually I have pop tarts, cereal, chips galore!  So this weekend I picked up some snacks that I could have on hand so I make good choices.  Plus some of these are super easy to pack for work.


Cape Cod Trail Mix– ‘Im hoping the cranberries in this mix will satisfy my sweet tooth

Think Thin Crunch Coconut Chocolate–  I’m hoping to save this for a dessert one night when my sweet tooth really kicks in, instead of grabbing ice cream!!

Cruncha Mame- crunch edamame, hmm.. It Says there is 8 grams of protein and as much fiber as an apple in this one serving bag.  I cannot wait to try them.

Tequila Lime Salsa–  Was on sale for 1.99! This is always good to have on hand and I have a feeling this is a really tasty one.


Steaz:  These are my all time favorite green tea’s. The peach mango is my favorite but I am excited to try the half tea/half lemonade and the citrus flavors.


Quest Bars:  I’m sure you have all seen and heard me talk about these. The cinnamon roll and coconut cashew are two of my favorites. GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe are usually out of these so I decided I would pick up a few.


Coco Roons:  I was in Florida the first time I found these, but this time I decided to try the Lemon Pie.  These are perfect when you need a little something sweet. With less than 100 calories and only 4 grams of sugar you have a guilt free treat!

Go Raw Pumpkin Bar:  I’ve never tried any of the go raw bars before but for some reason the pumpkin was standing out to me.  I can’t wait to try it and tell you what I think!  It has 9 grams of protein and 5 grams of sugar.

Crunchy Chickpeas:  I fell in love with the Good Bean Sea Salt Chickpeas after Blend Retreat.  They were a gift in my swag bag and I have been dying to find them again.  I did find them but there was only 1 package left so I snatched it up.  After cruising the aisles I found the Falafel Crunch Chickpeas.  They have a Mediterranean flavor and they are awesome.

dark choc

And you cannot shop without buying some dark chocolate.  I broke the xoxo bar into three servings so I can savor the flavor three different days 🙂 I broke into it the first night and it was delicious.  And a traditional dark chocolate lover’s favorite candy bar:  Justin’s peanut butter cups.  I immediately put these in the refrigerator so they get nice and cold!

What are some of your favorite go to healthy snacks?

Do you LOVE Whole Foods Like I do??