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Daily Archives: July 10, 2013

Good Morning!

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Today I am going to share some EATS, my workout, and my dogs from Monday.  Monday was my off day so I have more “fun” food to share since I didn’t have to pack it all in Tupperware containers.  I feel like those days can be pretty boring.

Make sure you head on over to Jenn’s blog for this WIAW and see what she’s been eating lately too!


Breakfast:  Well, ok breakfast was pretty boring, but I wasn’t too hungry before I went to crossfit so I just had a couple scrambled eggs.  A little protein to start my day off right.



Deadlifts-  I had a 10 lb PR (Personal Record) of 170 lb’s for 5 reps.


After crossfit I had my protein shake


And then  I tried to get some sun but it was just too hot to lay out without a pool.  If anyone has a pool and wants to let me come over just let me know 🙂


Lily also thought it was pretty hot.


And Jackson had a hard day too.  Poor dogs, they really have it rough: Eat, play, drink, poop, sleep, repeat!



Fuji Apple Chicken Salad from Panera= My fav!


My Weakness:

After lunch of course we had to stop at Servatii’s which was right across the street.  And of course there was ONE SLICE of carrot cake sitting on the counter.  I think it had SARA written all over it.  My mom bought it for me, so of course I ate it 🙂  And it was delicious!


While we were out we did a little rug shopping:


Which one would you choose??

I got the dots.  Leopard print would not fly with Eric for sure.


Prepping for my mango cilantro salsa


Freshly made Salmon Cakes with plenty left over for lunch.


And the final product:  Salmon Cakes with mango cilantro Salsa.  Avocado on the side.

salmon patty

Then a paleo apple cinnamon muffin to finish off the night!

apple cinnamon muffins

What is your favorite treat?  Cake, pie, or ice cream?

Oh and I found my new love and my life is now complete!  Carrot Cake Luna Bar.


My rating: 7/10.  Not my favorite like I thought it would be, but still pretty good.  Blueberry is still #1!

What is your favorite Luna bar flavor?

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