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Daily Archives: July 22, 2013

Good Morning!  Happy Monday!

This past week was HOT around these parts!!  There was no outside running for me this past week 🙂  I did take lily on a walk one day and I thought I gave her a heart attack.

Anyways, here are last week’s workouts since I’ve been slacking in this area a little bit lately.


Crossfit: Sumo Deadlifts

deadlift 2

I PR’d my Sumo deadlift, coming in at 190#!!

Tuesday & Wednesday:  REST


Elliptical + Upper Body + Walk with Lily.


She was very tired after our walk!


Crossfit: Weighted Sled Pulls – VERY HARD in 90 degree weather!

friday cf

sled 2


Crossfit: Elizabeth


I had to scale the weight for this one.  I used 85 lbs for the cleans and used a band to help me with the ring dips.  One day I will be strong enough to do the dips!!  I finished in 11:19.

It was a great workout but it was WAY harder than I thought it was going to be!  The coaches and athletes were awesome and cheered me on the whole time because I was the last one to finish 🙂


Tabata Workout

tabata july


I love doing tabats in my free time, they are high intensity and really keep your  heart rate up!

Do you like exercising outside?  Tabatas- yes or no?


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