Good Morning!

The other day I was looking through my No Nonsense Magazine and discovered some great cardio workouts that didn’t include running, thank God!  Running and myself have a confused relationship. Sometimes we like each other and sometimes we don’t  😉

Anyway, this magazine is the bomb!  I love all the workout tips, recipes, and diet plans.

Here are a few cardio workouts that I have adapted from the magazines that I thought I would share.  If you HATE running, some of these are perfect for you if you still want to keep your heart rate up!

1. HIIT Cardio.  


This type of cardio doen’t have to be on a treadmill, you can do it on the elliptical or even the bike 🙂  I did it on the elliptical the other day and time flew by!

Warm up:  5 Minutes

1:40  moderate intensity

20 seconds Max intensity- GO ALL OUT!

Cool Down:  5 minutes

Total:  30 Minutes

2.  Sprinting and Plyometrics


Long Jumps

3. Plyometric Superset:

plyo superset

For the Glute Raises, there are many ways you can do them.   You can do them on the floor and lift one leg at a time, or you can do them with a foot on a bench or with your back on a stability ball.   Any way is fine 🙂

Some other Plyometric exercises include:

If you love running then go for it, but if you don’t, what other types of cardio do you enjoy? Or do you just hate doing cardio all together?   Some exercises that I really don’t enjoy (to put it nicely) are : Wall balls, and tuck jumps!