Good Morning!  Happy Friday!

With the crossfit games behind us, which were amazing by the way, I was jealous of all the gear the women were wearing. so I decided to write about what inspired me!

Since starting crossfit about 6 months ago, I became obsessed with Reebok’s line of crossfit gear.  I can find some stuff I really like at Dick’s Sporting goods but other stuff I find online.  I have a terrible habit of shopping online, anyone else?

Anyways, if I had a thousand dollars for shopping I would be golden 🙂 Here are some things I would buy!

My Wish List:

1.  Women’s Crossfit Reebok Lac Cruces Shorts

Women's Reebok CrossFit Womens Las Cruces Short - 2 inch Shorts Z74155

2.  Reebok Crossfit: Strength is Beautiful Tank

Women's Reebok CrossFit Strength is Beautiful Tank Sleeveless Tops Z23574

3.  Women’s Crossfit Tri Blend Tank

Women's Reebok CrossFit Tri Blend Tank Sleeveless Tops Z21898

4.  Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0

Women's Womens Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0 Shoes V47103

5.  Crossfit Fittest On Earth Top

Women's Reebok CrossFit Fittest on Earth Top Long Sleeve Tops Z23580

6.  Jump Rope– I just need to go buy my own already!

Rogue SR-2 Ballistic Jump Rope

7.  Sandals!

Women's Womens CrossFit Sandal Sandals V44150

8.  Reebok Crossfit Headband

Women's Reebok CrossFit Headband Headwear Z26117

What’s on your wish list?